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Whereas, it has been established and recognized by educators specializing in the education of the deaf throughout the United States that small ungraded programs for the deaf are educationally unsound, and that extremely large programs lose the individual attention necessary for the deaf child; and

Whereas, it is recognized that frequent home visits by the deaf students keep the student in contact with the family, and permit him to be an integral part of the family which is desirable, especially during his early years; and

Whereas, the State of North Carolina has a school for the deaf at Wilson, North Carolina, and at Morganton, North Carolina, serving the Eastern District and the Western District, but the distance for many students does not permit frequent home visits, and permits few students to be day students; and

Whereas, the department of the Governor Morehead School serving the Negro deaf students closed in 1970, and Negro students were assigned to the Wilson and Morganton Schools, and the population of these two schools reached their maximum capacity during 1970, with a substantial waiting list, and additional capital improvements are required; and

Whereas, the Board of Directors of the North Carolina Schools for the Deaf recommended at its Annual Fall Board Meeting, November 19, 1967, and again January 23, 1970, that a new Central Elementary School for the Deaf be requested of the 1971 General Assembly; and

Whereas, the Board of Directors being aware that added capital improvements would be necessary at Wilson and Morganton to accommodate the projected enrollment, it was the Board's opinion that it was educationally more desirable to request a new school located near the population concentration than to add to the present schools at the elementary level; and

Whereas, it was projected by having three regional elementary programs for deaf children, the present ones being at Morganton and Wilson, and the third one to be located near the Triad Area of Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem; that most students could spend weekends at home and that many students attending the Central School could be day students; and

Whereas, a substantial portion of the per capita cost of educating deaf children is the result of custodial care, the Board projected that regional schools would be more economical since custodial care could be reduced by having more students go home on weekends, and many attending the Central School as day pupils; and

Whereas, the State has made substantial investment in a high school program for deaf students at Morganton, the Board recommends that the State of North Carolina continue to support one comprehensive high school program at Morganton, with a wide variety of academic and vocational courses to meet the need of the high school students; and

Whereas, the projected enrollment of high school age deaf students will not reach 400 in the next eight years, it is the opinion of the Board that one high school will meet the need for at least eight years; and

Whereas, it has been projected by Mr. R. M. McAdams, Superintendent of the Eastern North Carolina School at Wilson, and Mr. Ben E. Hoffmeyer, Superintendent of the North Carolina School for the Deaf at Morganton, that the student population will be over 1200 by 1972; and

Whereas, present facilities, plus facilities now under construction, will accommodate 1035 students, the enrollment has filled all facilities; therefore, new facilities will be needed and a school to house 240 students is recommended for the central part of the State; and

Whereas, in order to provide the physical plant, and site acquisition for an enrollment of 240 deaf students from preschool age through grade eight, it is recommended by the Board of Directors that four million, nine hundred and fifteen thousand dollars ($4,915,000) be appropriated for this school; Now, therefore,
The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts:

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