North and the South. In total the North

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America: The Story of Us-Civil War”

Video Guide

Answer the following:

1. What new kind of bullet has brought the Civil War to a deadlock?

minié ball

2. The minié ball is used in both the ____North____ and the ____South____.

3. In total the ____North____ makes ____1/2 billion____ minié balls to use in their 2 million muskets supplied to their men.

4. The Civil War was the first _______modern______ war because it was the first war after

the ____Industrial Revolution______.

5. Grooves in the inside of the barrel give the minié ball improved _____accuracy___ and

______range__________. In impact the bullet ____flattens__ out.

6. But for all the minié ball’s technical edge, the army still uses _traditional military_


7. By the time of the North’s final victory, over _______600,000____ are dead, ___2%____

of the nation’s entire population. Almost ____1/2____ of the dead remain unidentified.

8. In August of 1862, General ___Robert E. Lee’s____ Confederate army is readying to

launch a wide ranging assault against Union forces in _______Virginia______.

9. Southern soldiers are fighting for _Southern Independence_, ______traditions__, and

its _____way of life_________. The prosperity is built around a single

crop, cotton, known as _____white gold____. The South accounts for ___2/3___

of the World’s supply of cotton.

10. _______Robert E. Lee_____ took command of the Army of Northern Virginia.

11. The South defeated the North at the Second Battle of ___Bull Run____ in Manasas, Va.,

in June of 1862. __Determination___ and local ___knowledge_____ gave them their

greatest victory in the war to date.

12. President __Abraham Lincoln__ was fighting a new kind of war that Southern

leaders didn’t get.

13. The ______railroad______ gave the North an advantage because they could

transport _______troops_____ and ___supplies______ much quicker to

the battle field. The railroad became a ___weapon__ of war.

14. The North has ___24,000_____ miles of track compared the South’s ___9,000___ when

the war began.

15. The North added __4,000__ miles of track during the war while the South only added

__400__ miles.

16. Lincoln mobilized the entire ___industrial___ mite of the North during the war.

17. Production of _____clothing____ doubled, pitch fork manufacturers began making

____swords_____, and the number of ___patents____ doubled.

18. A simple device, the _______telegraph_______, will transform how the war is fought

and won. It becomes the first tool of mass ___communication______.

19. Lincoln put all telegraphs in the North under ____military____ command.

20. Lincoln sent almost _____1000___ telegrams during the war.

21. As battle field causalities mount on both sides, the carnage triggers a revolution

in battle field __medicine___. Three quarters of all surgeries were


22. If a bullet doesn’t kill you, _____infection___ can with _____gangrene____ as the

greatest killer.

23. Twice as many soldiers die from __infected wounds_ and __disease____ as on the


24. Large numbers of women sign up as battlefield _______nurses____, including

Clara _____Barton__, who will later become the founder of the

American Red Cross__.

25. The spread of portable ___cameras___ means for the first time ___gory_____

images of the battlefield can now reach every home.

26. A new technique, __embalming____, allowed dead bodies of soldiers to remain fairly well preserved for viewing back home.

27. President Lincoln issued the ____Emancipation Proclamation__ on January 1, 1863, which abolished slavery in the rebellious Southern states.

28. By the end of the war, almost ____200,000____ blacks signed up to fight for the North.

29. The Union Army became a force fighting to end ______slavery____.

30. General William Sherman uses a tactic known as ___Total War___ to defeat the South.

Describe below, using information from the video guide, how the use of technology affected

the Civil War. You may use the back of this page. (20 points)

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