Normandy prayers this Order is based on that in use in Normandy today

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This Order is based on that in use in Normandy today
On this historic occasion, we give thanks for the success of the Normandy Landings, sixty years ago, and we remember all those who gave their lives in this, and in the operations that followed, for the liberation of Europe. As we acknowledge the heritage of freedom which they won for us, we give thanks for their courage, their devotion to duty and their comradeship, and pray that we may walk worthy of their sacrifice.


Eternal God, you are the Shepherd of our souls, the giver of everlasting life. On this day when we commemorate and commend to you those who lived and died in the service of others, we are glad to remember that your purposes for us are good, that you gave Jesus Christ for the life of the world, and that you lead us by his Holy Spirit into the paths of righteousness and peace. Amen.__A_Prayer_for_those_who_mourn'>Amen.__A_Prayer_for_Peace'>Amen.

A Prayer for Peace

Almighty God, from whom all thoughts of truth and peace proceed; kindle in our hearts the true love of peace, and guide with your pure and peaceable wisdom those who take counsel for the nations of the earth; that in tranquility your kingdom may go forward, till the earth is filled with the knowledge of your love; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

A Prayer for those who mourn

Almighty God, Father of all mercies and giver of all comfort; deal graciously, we pray, with those who mourn, that casting every care on you, they may know the consolation of your love; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

A Prayer for our World

Almighty God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, hear us as we pray for the countries to which we belong. Guide with your eternal wisdom the leaders of the nations; make us strong in faith and righteousness and in the love of freedom; and grant that we may still be counted worthy to do our part in walking with the nations of the world in the paths of peace. For the honour of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

A Prayer for the Normandy Veterans Association

O eternal Lord God,

who has united together all veterans of the Normandy Campaign:

grant them your blessing ,

give them strength to carry on their work
to aid and bring comradeship to all Normandy veterans;

and bring joy and common purpose throughout the Association.

We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ whose courage never failed. Amen.

Act of Remembrance

Let us remember before God,
and commend to his sure keeping:
those who have died for their country in war;
those whom we knew, and whose memory we treasure;
and all who have lived and died in the service of mankind.

They shall grow not old as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

And all repeat

We will remember them.

The Silence

The page of The Book of Remembrance may be turned,

Final Prayers

Almighty and eternal God, from whose love in Christ we cannot be parted, either by death or life: Hear our prayers and thanksgivings for all whom we remember this day; fulfil in them the purpose of your love; and bring us all, with them, to your eternal joy; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Merciful Father, we commend ourselves and all who need your loving kindness. Where there is hatred, give love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is sadness, joy; where there is darkness, light. Grant that we may not seek so much to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love; for in giving we receive, in pardoning we are pardoned, and in dying we are born to eternal life; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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