Nonfiction books are in the library using the search subject

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Team #1
DIRECTIONS: This is an exercise to find out if you remember where to find information in the library. You may need to speak to a person or go to different places in the library to find some of the answers to the following questions:

  1. How long can you keep a book?

  1. Can you renew a book?

  1. What are the computers used for that are just inside the Library doors?

  1. Where is the Book Return located?

  1. What must you have to use Internet on the computers?

  1. Internet use is for what purpose in the school?

7. What subject of books is in the 700’s?

  1. Does the Library have the book The Gospel According to Larry? Is it IN or OUT?

  1. How many pages does the book New Moon have in it?

  1. Who is the author of From Satchmo to Miles?

  1. How many books does the library have by Robin Cook?

  1. Does the library have a biography on Arthur Ashe?

  1. What year(s) is there information about Arthur Ashe in Current Biography?

  1. How many volumes is there information about Arthur Ashe in World Book Encyclopedia?

15. What was Arthur Ashe famous for?

  1. How many

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