Non judicious use of water resources suggestions for sustainable management p. J. S. Bhamrah, R

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Selected References
Bhamrah, PJS 1991, Water Resources Day by GWB. Lecture note titled "Water and Environment" at Guwahati; Assam, India
Bhamarah, PJS 1997, An effective Remedial Measure for Land Environmental Health in Canal Command Areas - A conjunctive Water use. International Symposium on Eng. Geology and the Environments. International Association of Eng. Geology (IAEG) and International Association of Hydrologists (IAH), Athens, Greece. 23-27 June 97.
Bhamrah, PJS 1997, Artificial Recharge to Ground Water. Its Necessity and Case Study Results of check Dam. National Symposium on Sustainable Ground Water Development and Management and Annual Convention of Geological Society of India, Anna University Dept. of Geology. Madras - 600025, 05-08. November 97.
Central Ground 1996, National Perspective Plan for Recharge to Ground Water by Utilising Water Board Surplus Monsoon Run off. CGWB Publication. Ministry of Water Resources

1 1 lakh = 100 0001 crore = 10 000 000

Non-judicious use of water resources suggestions for sustainable management P. J. S. BHAMRAH, Ministry of Water Resources - India

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