No link – they don’t have evidence to prove overturning the death penalty would crush movements against police brutality

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Ice Cube 20 [award-winning musician, actor, director, producer, civil rights activist, and CEO and founder of the BIG3 basketball league. The Hill, With an energized civil rights movement on the streets, Ice Cube demands concrete results with his Contract with Black America July29
It is great that people are in the streets; we are rightfully angry and hurt. But recent history shows that protests are not enough. The 1960s civil rights movement brought landmark legislation, yes. But those laws were circumvented. Revered leaders were assassinated. Then came Richard Nixon, promising “law and order.” And Ronald Reagan, saying "Let’s make America great again.” Sound familiar? The injustices didn’t end. The beating of Rodney King brought Americans into the streets, again, but as I and others warned in “Straight Outta Compton,” racial injustice rolled on.
Sure, there have been achievements. The Martin Luther King holiday. Our first Black president. But instead of throwing us bones, we need systemic change. A reckoning involves recognition of the unequal treatment Black Americans have endured from all who are complicit — from hard-core conservatives to limousine liberals. President Trump is not the cause. He is a symptom of a nation that tolerates inequality and tells Black citizens to be happy with the progress we have made — as if progress toward equal treatment is the same as equality among human beings. Do we actually believe Biden and the Democrats will make real differences unless we make them commit to wholesale change? MLK himself doubted the political will of the White liberal. The objective is not handouts to assuage white guilt, nor do we want White’s equality diminished either. We need White’s to look within and be honest about how they benefit from white privilege, and always will, unless our society reimagines what America should have looked like in the beginning and does the hard work of reform to get our country where it should be.

Social movements are not able to produce lasting change

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