No link – they don’t have evidence to prove overturning the death penalty would crush movements against police brutality

Reform now is necessary to maintain global democratic credibility

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Reform now is necessary to maintain global democratic credibility

Hansler 6/10/20 [Jennifer is a State Department producer for CNN and graduated from University of Rochester with a Bachelor's degree in communication and media studies. 6/10/2020, "Black former US ambassadors call for reforms to address police brutality and systemic racism," CNN,, dhs-brt]
Washington (CNN)Nearly 60 black former US ambassadors condemned the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and others and called for reforms to address systemic racism and police brutality in the United States.
The Association of Black American Ambassadors (ABAA) said in a statement that "it is time for all people of conscience to voice their opposition to legally sanctioned violence; it is tarnishing America's image at home and abroad."
"We all want an equitable society where each of us has the right to breathe," the ambassadors said in the statement published on "AllAfrica" Tuesday.
Their call for reform comes as protests against racism, sparked by the death of Floyd at the hands of the police, have swept across the globe.
"While acts of violence against unarmed Black citizens are not new, we speak now to express our contempt about ongoing acts of police brutality as well as our society's stubborn resistance to addressing institutional racism. We spent our careers looking beyond America's borders, but these shocking events call us to look inward and join with others in opposing discrimination and oppression in all its forms," the ABAA statement said.
"We join our fellow citizens, brothers and sisters in demanding an end to inhumane police practices; we call for accountability, fairness, transparency, and transformation in our national, state and local institutions, including legal, judicial and law enforcement systems, to prevent future violence of this kind," they said.
The ambassadors said "equal rights and complete pursuit of justice" are needed as a first step "to rebuild our own citizens' confidence in our democratic system and values" and "to help restore our country's global human rights authority."

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