No link – they don’t have evidence to prove overturning the death penalty would crush movements against police brutality

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; it is performative. If we are moving towards change, reform and justice, white-owned establishments need to be held to a higher standard than posting on Instagram. Substantive change begins where decisions are made, in boardrooms, where often the only thing of colour is a pen. A global movement for social justice can only succeed if it goes beyond moments when white supremacy uncovers itself in the form of state-sponsored brutality on Black bodies in the US, and gets transported to our computer screens through social media. We need to demand the same response from governments, corporations and international bodies when queer Black women are murdered in Brazil, like Marielle Franco, when sex workers die in police custody in South Africa, like Robyn Montsumi, and when Black trans people are killed in the US, like Kiki Fantroy. The only alternative to a lack of global substantive change, is the continuous treatment of systemic racism as isolated events that "sometimes" happen in the US. If we do not truly coordinate, we will be back here again, with another global outcry and our protests of solidarity will be rendered meaningless over time.
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