Ninth Grade Literature and Composition Instructor: Ms. Lisa O’Rear Email

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Ninth Grade Literature and Composition
Instructor: Ms. Lisa O’Rear Email:

Room: B14 Cell Phone: (706) 482-8201
OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday & Thursday 7:20 to 7:50
*Please contact me via email or my cell phone. If you text or leave a voicemail, please leave a first and last name and contact number.
Course Objectives: By the end of Ninth Grade Literature and Composition students will compose effective literary analyses and researched essays, adhering to Modern Language Association (MLA) guidelines. They will be able to describe and explain the significance of a text’s structure, track the unfolding of complex characters and communicate advanced elements of plot. Students will argue effectively in speech and writing, employing the structure, evidence, and rhetoric necessary in the composition of effective persuasive texts. Ninth grade students will build strong and varied vocabularies. They will skillfully employ rhetoric and figurative language, purposefully construct tone and mood, and identify lapses in reason or ambiguities in texts. Students will recognize nuances of meaning imparted by modes of presentation, whether it is live drama, spoken word, digital media, film, or fine art. Students will develop confident familiarity reading foundational American documents and western world literature throughout history. *LCHS adheres to the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards posted at the following website.
Course Grading

To compute the semester grade, school policy mandates that teachers use the following formula.

(40% of 1st nine weeks grade) + (40% of 2nd nine weeks grade) + (20% of EOC) = Semester Grade

Semester Assessments

School policy mandates the following assessment percentages.





Grade Scale

90-100 Excellent (A)

80-89 Good (B)

70-79 (C)

69-Below Failing (F)

Supplies: Students must have supplies in class daily.

  1. Flash drive for digital storage

  2. 1 ½ inch 3-ring binder with dividers (vocabulary, writing, literature)

  3. Loose leaf notebook paper

  4. Pens, blue or black ink only

  5. #2 Pencils

Assigned Reading: *All texts will be provided. *Students must bring the text we are currently reading to school daily.

Language of Literature 9 (textbook), Martian Chronicles (novel), and related informational texts.
Course Expectations:
*Be on time and prepared with appropriate class tools every day.
Late Work: I will accept SOME late work for 70% of the original grade WITHIN

EACH QUARTER. See me if you wish to make up work.

Attendance: Students have 48 hours to turn in a note after an absence to have their agenda book stamped excused absence. If the absence is excused, students may show the stamped agenda book to the teacher to receive make-up work BEFORE school. To receive full credit a student must schedule make-up tests and make up work within 5 days of an absence.
Agenda Books: To leave class a student must have his/ her personal agenda book, as mandated by the administration. If a student loses his/ her agenda book, he/ she may purchase another book in the Media Center.
Academic Integrity: Honesty is a matter of personal honor and integrity and is a key component for success both in school and in life. Students are honor-bound to refrain from cheating or plagiarizing in any form.
Absolutely no cell phones or MP3 players will be allowed in class. If I see them, I will take them, call the parent, and assign a detention. For the second offense, I will send a discipline referral to the office.
Consequences for Failing to Follow Course Expectations:

1st offense—Teacher will warn the student to discontinue disruptive behavior

2nd offense—Teacher will contact the parent and assign detention

3rd offense—Teacher will send discipline referral to the administration

9th Grade Literature & Composition Tentative Class Schedule Fall 2013

NOTE: This schedule may change according to inclement weather, student progress, or other unexpected events.

Check for additional assignments/revised due dates listed on the class calendar that you may access on my webpage.
*Indicates recurring activity

**Indicates important date




Unit 1: Overcoming Obstacles

August 6-August 22

8/6 Read/Listen (song) “Lose Yourself” MNM
8/7 (poem) “We Real Cool” by Gwendolyn Brooks (handout) (video-Favorite Poem Project) /(informational article) “Carrier Pigeons”(handout)
8/8 (magazine article)“Losing Part of My Leg Doesn’t Change Who I am” by Cristina Goyanes
8/11 (personal essay) “Darkness at Noon” by Harold Krents
8/12 (short stories) “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” by James Thurber (handout)
8/13 (poem) “The Little Polish Boy”
8/14-15 (speech) “I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King Jr. (LL439)

**Vocabulary practice-daily (F) and tests-weekly **(S)
*Overcoming Obstacles Organizer (F)
8/6 Preview syllabus/

Journal 1 My Goal(s) (F)

8/13 Journal 2 Obstacles I Must Overcome (F)
8/18-21 Analytical paragraph format practice (F)
*8/21 ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS: After reading/analyzing Unit 1 texts, in your opinion, how do people overcome obstacles? ALSO…What keeps some people from overcoming obstacles? (F)
**8/22 Unit 1 Assessment (S)—Includes paragraph assessment

Unit 2: Life Lessons

August 25-September 12

9/1 Holiday!

8/25-26 (Short Story) “The Scarlet Ibis” by James Hurst (LL592)
8/26 (Poetry) “Woman with Flower” by Naomi Long Madgett (LL604)
8/ 26*(movie) The Wave—Begin viewing brief scenes

8/27 “American History” by Judith Ortiz Cofer (LL293)

8/28 (poem) “Thumbprint” by Eve Marriam (handout)
8/29 “Through the Tunnel” by Doris Lessin (LL373)
9/2 (Personal Essay) Memorial Day Camping Trip
9/3 (Memoir) “from Black Boy”(LL654)
9/4 (poem) “The Poison Tree” by William Blake (LL474)

*Vocabulary practice-daily (F) and tests-weekly (S)
*8/25 Life Lessons Organizer
*8/26 Daily log/summary of Wave scenes
9/2 Journal #3
**9/12 Autobiographical Essay—Laws of Life (S)

Unit 3: Persuasion/Research

September 15-October 24

10/9-10 Holiday!

9/15 Persuasive Essay Model—Language of Literature, 9 pp. 508-509

*Persuasive Essay/Research Project Literary Terms Practice (F)
9/15 Notes/Outline of Student Essay Model (F)
9/16-19 Persuasive Essay Draft (F)
**9/22 Persuasive Essay Final Draft (S)
**9/23-10/15 Prepare Researched Project (S)
**10/8 HS 9thGrLit Formative Assessment 1 Fall 2014-2015
**10/16-20 Student groups present Researched Projects (S)

Unit 4: Civilization vs. Savagery

October 16-November 7

Martian Chronicles (MC) Reading Schedule:

10/16 pp. 1-16

10/17 pp. 16-32

10/20 pp. 32-48

10/21 pp. 48-72

10/22 pp. 72-89

10/23 pp. 89-103

10/24 pp. 103-118

10/27 pp. 119-132

10/28 pp. 132-145

10/29 pp. 145-166

10/30 pp.166-180

*Vocabulary practice-daily (F) and tests-weekly **(S)
*Reading Pop Quizzes (F)
*Reader’s Journal—Consider essay questions (F) due 11/7
**10/30-11/7 MC Analytical Essay (S)

Unit 5: Epic Heroes

November 10-21

11/24-28 Thanksgiving Holiday!

The Odyssey Reading Schedule:

11/10-11 Books 1 and 9

11/12 Book 10

11/13 Book 12

11/14 Book 21

11/17 Books 22-23

(Epic Poem) The Odyssey by Homer

“Ithaka” by C. P. Cavafy (LL971)

“Penelope” by Dorothy Parker (LL970)

**Vocabulary practice-daily (F) and tests-weekly **(S)
11/10 Background and Terms (F)
11/18 Odyssey Background and Terms Test (50% of S unit grade)
11/18-21 Epic Hero Story Presentation (50% of S unit grade)
NOTE: Test and Presentation count as one summative grade.

Unit 6: Fate Versus Free Will
December 1-19
12/19 *Half-Day! Leave after 3rd Block 

(Drama) Romeo and Juliet (R&J) by William Shakespeare

Reading Schedule

12/2-3 Act I (F)

12/4-5 Act II (F)

12/8-9 Act III (F)

12/10-11 Act IV (F)

12/12-17 Act V (F) Begin day before EOC and finish day after.

Articles/Books About R&J Historical Context

**12/1 HS 9thGrLit Formative Assessment 2 Fall 2014-2015
12/1 Background and Literary Terms (F)
**12/11-12 EOC Social Studies/Science

**12/15-16 EOC English/Math
R&J Reading Quiz Schedule

11/21 Act I (F)

12/2 Act II (F)

12/9 Act III (F)

12/11 Act IV (F)

12/13 Act V (F)

*12/13 Renaissance, R & J, and Shakespeare Annotated Bibliography (F)
12/18 Renaissance Background Quiz (S)
12/18 3rd and 4th Blocks Romeo and Juliet Quotes Test (S)
12/19 1st and 2nd Block Romeo and Juliet Quotes Test (S)


Directions: Parents and students read and then print and sign your names and return for formative assessment points.
Media Center Responsibility

I understand that I must keep my Media Center account in good standing so that I may borrow books/textbooks.


If I lose novels or textbooks assigned to me, I understand that I must pay for the books by the end of the semester. Any charges remaining on my account when I reach my senior year will result in my not participating in the graduation ceremony.

PARENT PRINTED NAME ________________________________SIGNATURE_____________________________
STUDENT PRINTED NAME_______________________________SIGNATURE_____________________________
PARENTS AND STUDENTS: Please review Power School weekly to be aware of your child’s/your own progress. Access Power School by visiting the LCHS website where you will find login instructions under the green Power School symbol. Please direct your child to check Power School often. If they cannot access Power School, they should see me, or a counselor for help.
Additionally, visit my webpage to access the CALENDAR of due dates and FILE MANAGER for helpful class handouts. Please sign and return this page to earn

one formative grade.

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