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Fiche: 76400-76403
Walker, Timothy, 1802-1856.

Introduction to American law : designed as a first book for students.

Boston : Little, Brown. 1882

General Studies

xxiv, 816 p. ; 24 cm.; US-03-144; 8th ed. rev., by M.F. Force.

Fiche: 76521-76529
Graham, John A. (John Andrew), 1764-1841.

Speeches, delivered at the city-hall of the city of New-York : in the courts of Oyer & Terminer, common pleas, and general sessions of the peace.

New-York : McGillda. 1812

Collected Essays

viii, 80 p. ; 21 cm.; US-04-230.

Fiche: 76605
Graham, John A. (John Andrew), 1764-1841.

Speeches, delivered at the city-hall of the city of New-York : in the courts of Oyer and Terminer, common pleas, and general sessions of the peace.

New-York : G. Forman. 1812

Collected Essays

viii, 140 p. : port. ; 22 cm.; US-04-231; 2nd ed., with additions.

Fiche: 76635-76636
The Political text-book, or encyclopedia : containing everything necessary for the reference of the politicians and statesmen of the United States.

Washington : C. Wendell. 1857

Collected Essays

640 p. ; 24 cm.; US-04-232; edited by M.W. Cluskey.

Fiche: 76645-76651
Dickson, Frederick Stoever, 1850-1925.

An analysis of Kent's Commentaries.

Philadelphia : R. Welsh. 1875

General Studies

428 p. ; 24 cm.; US-03-681.

Fiche: 76737-76741
Speeches of Phillips, Curran, and Grattan, the celebrated Irish orators.

Philadelphia : Key and Mielke. 1831

Collected Essays

178, 370 p. ; 23 cm.; US-04-233; selected by a member of the bar.

Fiche: 77219-77224
Bouvier, John, 1787-1851.

Institutes of American law.

Philadelphia : R.E. Peterson. 1851

General Studies

4 v. ; 24 cm.; US-03-88.

Fiche: 77302-77333
Hilliard, Francis, 1806-1878.

American law : a comprehensive summary of the law in various departments.

New York : S.S. Peloubet. 1881

General Studies

2 v. ; 25 cm.; US-03-683.

Fiche: 77454-77466
Bacon, Matthew, fl. 1730.

A new abridgment of the law.

Philadelphia : M'Carty and Davis. 1842-1846

General Studies

10 v. ; 25 cm.; UK-03-259; with large additions and corrections by Henry Gwyllin and Charles Edward Dodd; and with the notes and references made to the edition published in 1809 by Bird Wilson; to which are added notes and references to American law and decisions by John Bouvier.

Fiche: 77631-77716
Howard, Overton.

The life of the law, or, Universal principles of law.

Richmond, Va. : J.W. Randolph & English. 1889

General Studies

114 p. ; 24 cm.; US-03-685.

Fiche: 77801-77802

Revised laws of the state of California : in four codes : political, civil, civil procedure, and penal.

Sacramento : T.A. Springer, state printer. 1871-1872

General Studies

4 v. ; 23 cm.; US-03-686.

Fiche: 77803-77816
Kent, James, 1763-1847.

Commentaries on American law.

St. Paul, Minn. : West Pub. Co. 1894

General Studies

xv, 926 p. ; 24 cm.; US-03-65; edited by Wm. Hardcastle Browne.

Fiche: 78016-78026
Merrill, George, b. 1831.

Essays political, legal, and miscellaneous.

Cambridge [Mass.] : J. Wilson. 1886

Collected Essays

vi, 256 p. ; 21 cm.; US-04-234.

Fiche: 78198-78200
Kent, James, 1763-1847.

Commentaries on American law.

Philadelphia : Blackstone Pub. Co. 1889

General Studies

4 v. ; 23 cm.; US-03-51; new and thoroughly rev. ed., by William M. Lacy.

Fiche: 78355-78383
Kerr, William Williamson, 1820-1902.

A treatise on the law of fraud and mistake.

New York : Baker, Voorhis. 1872

Legal Liability

vii, 505 p. ; 24 cm.; UK-11-43; with notes to American cases by Orlando F. Bump.

Fiche: 78594-78599
Essays in Anglo-Saxon law.

Boston : Little, Brown. 1876

Collected Essays

xii, 392 p. ; 23 cm; UK-04-21.

Fiche: 78698-78702
Brougham and Vaux, Henry Brougham, Baron, 1778-1868.

Speeches of Henry Lord Brougham upon questions relating to public rights, duties, and interests : with historical introductions, and a critical dissertation upon the eloquence of the ancients.

Edinburgh : A. and C. Black. 1838

Collected Essays

4 v. ; 23 cm.; UK-04-60.

Fiche: 78778-78806
Systems of land tenure in various countries : a series of essays published under the sanction of the Cobden Club.

London ; New York : Cassell, Petter, Galpin. [1881]

Collected Essays

vi, 534 p. : facsim. ; 19 cm.; UK-04-237; edited by J.W. Probyn. new ed., rev. and corr.

Fiche: 79007-79012
Birrell, Augustine, 1850-1933.

Four lectures on the law of employers' liability at home and abroad.

London ; New York : Macmillan. 1897

Legal Liability

123 p. ; 19 cm.; UK-11-56.

Fiche: 79016-79017
Bowyer, George.

Introduction to the study and use of the civil law, and to commentaries on the modern civil law.

London : Stevens. 1874

General Studies

72 p. ; 25 cm.; UK-03-689.

Fiche: 79129-79130
Bowyer, George.

Commentaries on the modern civil law.

London : V. & R. Stevens and G.S. Norton. 1848

General Studies

xx, 334 p. ; 25 cm.; UK-03-690.

Fiche: 79265-79268
Uniacke, Crofton.

A letter to the Lord Chancellor, on the necessity and practicability of forming a code of the laws of England : to which is annexed the new bankrupt law : arranged in the method of Domat's Civil law, and in a style suited to the humblest capacity : proposed to be adopted as the form of the statute law of the realm.

London : J. & W.T. Clarke. 1825

General Studies

95 p. ; 23 cm.; UK-03-691.

Fiche: 79292-79293
Gregg, Francis, 1794?-1840.

Costs in bankruptcy : containing the charges to be allowed to solicitors, clerks, or attornies, in their bills of fees and disbursements for business done under any commission.

London : Printed by A. Strahan for J. Butterworth. 1826

General Studies

12 p. ; 23 cm.; UK-03-692.

Fiche: 79294
Geach, Henry Harper.

A plain outline of law.

London : Hardwicke and Bogue. 1877

General Studies

vi, 58 p. ; 22 cm.; UK-03-693.

Fiche: 79573
Woolrych, Humphry W. (Humphry William), 1795-1871.

A practical treatise on the law of window lights.

London : Saunders and Benning. 1833

General Studies

86 p. ; 19 cm.; UK-03-694.

Fiche: 79721-79722
Hargrave, J. F. (John Fletcher), 1815-1885.

A treatise on the Thellusson Act, 39 & 40 Geo. III. c. 98 : with practical observations upon trusts for accumulation.

London : S. Sweet. 1842

General Studies

xix, 211 p., [1] folded leaf of plates : ill. ; 23 cm.; UK-03-695.

Fiche: 80039-80041
Gifford, John.

The complete English lawyer, or, Every man his own lawyer : containing a summary of the constitution of England, its laws and statutes ... also, the criminal law of England, embracing every species of public offences with their punishments ... to which is added an appendix ... also, a supplement containing the laws of the excise, the laws of the customs, the assessed taxes, the stamp duties, &c. : the whole carefully digested, and rendered familiar to the plainest understanding : and the statutes consulted to the 59 Geo. III.

London : Printed by Macdonald and Son, for A. Whellier. 1820

General Studies

688, 148 p., [6] p. of plates : ports. ; 23 cm.; UK-03-696; 4th ed.

Fiche: 80132-80140
Stephen, Henry John, 1787-1864.

Mr. Serjeant Stephen's New commentaries on the laws of England : partly founded on Blackstone.

London : Butterworths. 1886

General Studies

4 v. ; 22 cm.; UK-03-697; 10th ed.

Fiche: 80163-80200
Williams, T.

Every man his own lawyer, or, Complete law library.

London : Printed for Sherwood, Neely, and Jones ... by Law and Gilbert. 1812

General Studies

vii, 632, [8] p. : ill. ; 24 cm.; UK-03-698.

Fiche: 80237-80243
Dickson, Frederick Stoever, 1850-1925.

An analysis of Blackstone's Commentaries.

London : Stevens and Sons. [1880?]

General Studies

98 p. ; 32 cm.; UK-03-699.

Fiche: 80366-80367
Papers read before the Juridical Society.

London : V. & R. Stevens & G.S. Norton. 1858

Collected Essays

4 v. ; 23 cm.; UK-04-238.

Fiche: 80401-80427
Brett, Thomas, 1841?-1893.

Commentaries on the present laws of England.

London : W. Clowes and Sons. 1890

General Studies

2 v. (cvi, 1233 p.) ; 22 cm.; UK-03-700.

Fiche: 80556-80571
Brown, William, 1808-1888.

The law of limitation as to real property : including that of the Crown and the Duke of Cornwall : with appendix of statutes.

London : H. Sweet. 1869

Legal Liability

xxxiv, 857 p. ; 22 cm.; UK-11-28.

Fiche: 80729-80738
Adlington, John Henry.

The cyclopaedia of law, or, The correct British lawyer : forming a complete and concise digest of the various laws and statutes comprehended in the constitution of England ... in which are included an epitome of the acts of Parliament passed in the last session, relative to the most important subjects, connected with the trade, commerce, manufactures, and agriculture of the United Kingdom, and a glossary of the technical law terms.

London : W. Emans. 1820

General Studies

viii, xxiv, [9]-688 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.; UK-03-701.

Fiche: 80931-80938
Banning, Henry Thomas, 1844-1899.

A concise treatise on the statute law of the limitation of actions : with an appendix of statutes, references to English, Irish and American cases, and to the French code, and a very full index.

London : Stevens and Haynes. 1892

Legal Liability

xxxix, 385 p. ; 22 cm.; UK-11-29; 2nd ed., rev. and enl.

Fiche: 80950-80955
Banning, Henry Thomas, 1844-1899.

A concise treatise on the statute law of the limitation of actions : with an appendix of statutes, copious references to English and American cases, and to the French code, and a very full index.

London : Stevens and Haynes. 1877

Legal Liability

xix, 349 p. ; 23 cm.; UK-11-44.

Fiche: 80956-80959
Neale, John Alexander, b. 1849.

An exposition of English law by English judges : compiled for the use of layman and lawyer from the most recent decisions (1886-1891).

London : W. Clowes and Sons. 1892

General Studies

xxxiii, 224 p. ; 25 cm.; UK-03-702.

Fiche: 80963-80965
Kelly, Richard J. (Richard John), d. 1931.

The law of newspaper libel : with special reference to the state of the law as defined by the Law of Libel Amendment Act, 1888, and all preceding acts upon the subject and the full text of all the libel acts and a report of every important case to date.

London : W. Clowes and Sons. 1889

Legal Liability

xl, 258 p. ; 19 cm.; UK-11-57.

Fiche: 80969-80973
Spencer, Edgar A.

Hints from a lawyer, or, Legal advice to men and women : a law-book for everybody, with reference to property, family, and commercial affairs (adapted to all the states).

New York : G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1888

General Studies

viii, 227 p. ; 20 cm.; UK-03-703.

Fiche: 81216-81218
Curran, John Philpot, 1750-1817.

Speeches of John Philpot Curran, while at the bar.

Chicago : Callaghan. 1877

Collected Essays

618 p. : port. ; 24 cm.; US-04-239; edited by James A.L. Whittier.

Fiche: 81398-81404
Blackstone, William, Sir, 1723-1780.

Commentaries on the laws of England : in four books.

Philadelphia : J.B. Lippincott. 1900

General Studies

2 v. : ill. ; 25 cm.; US-03-704; with notes selected from the editions of Archbold, Christian, Coleridge, Chitty, Stewart, Kerr and others, Barron Field's analysis, and additional notes, and a life of the author by George Sharswood.

Fiche: 81508-81526
Field, David Dudley, 1805-1894.

Speeches, arguments, and miscellaneous papers of David Dudley Field.

New York : D. Appleton. 1890

Collected Essays

iv, 463 p. ; 23 cm.; US-04-240; edited by Titus Munson Coan.

Fiche: 81571-81575
Dutcher, Salem.

Expressions of law and fact construed by the courts of Georgia.

Atlanta, Ga. : Franklin Print. and Pub. Co. 1899

General Studies

172 p. ; 24 cm.; US-03-705.

Fiche: 82078-82079
Tompson, George.

Practical suggestions and instructions to young attornies and attornies' clerks : pointing out measures best calculated for their advantage.

London : Published for the author by W. Walker. 1828

General Studies

x, 536 p. ; 19 cm.; UK-03-309.

Fiche: 82523-82533
Western, Thomas George.

Commentaries on the constitution and laws of England : incorporated with the political text of the late J.L. de Lolme.

London : J. Richards. 1841

General Studies

xvii, 476, civ p. ; 24 cm.; UK-03-706; 3rd ed., rev. and corr. to the present time.

Fiche: 83001-83007
East, Edward Hyde, Sir, 1764-1847.

A treatise of the pleas of the crown.

London : Printed by A. Strahan, for J. Butterworth. 1803

General Studies

2 v. (lxiv, 1126 p.) ; 25 cm.; UK-03-707.

Fiche: 84055-84067
Barclay, Hugh, 1799-1884.

A digest of the law of Scotland : with special reference to the office and duties of a justice of the peace.

Edinburgh : T. & T. Clark. 1852-1853

General Studies

2 v. (viii, 978 p.) ; 24 cm.; UK-03-708.

Fiche: 84474-84485
Hutcheson, Gilbert.

Supplement to the first edition of the Treatise on the offices of justice of the peace, &c. : containing, an account of the laws concerning the militia, local militia, volunteers, and the impressing of seamen : with reports of other recent enactments and decisions, connected with that work.

Edinburgh : Printed for W. Creech. 1808

General Studies

vii, ix, 254 p., p. [219]-244 ; 23 cm.; UK-03-710.

Fiche: 84759-84762
Erskine, John, 1695-1768.

Principles of the law of Scotland.

Edinburgh : Bell & Bradfute. 1874

General Studies

xxxviii, 774 p. ; 22 cm.; UK-03-711; 15th ed., containing extracts ... and notes.

Fiche: 84839-84847
Morton, William Kinniburgh.

Manual of the law of Scotland : specially for the use of students.

Edinburgh : W. Green & Sons. 1896

General Studies

xi, 501 p. ; 23 cm.; UK-03-712.

Fiche: 84867-84872
Seton, George, 1822-1908.

The law and practice of heraldry in Scotland.

Edinburgh : Edmonston and Douglas. 1863

General Studies

xxvii, 548 p., 14 p. of plates : ill., coats of arms ; 23 cm.; UK-03-713.

Fiche: 84885-84891
Erskine, John, 1695-1768.

Principles of the law of Scotland.

Edinburgh : Bell & Bradfute. 1886

General Studies

xl, 689, lxxvi p. ; 23 cm.; UK-03-714; containing extracts from the lectures of George Moir. 17th ed., corr. and rev.

Fiche: 84915-84923
Erskine, John, 1695-1768.

The principles of the law of Scotland : in the order of Sir G. Mackenzie's Institutions.

Edinburgh : Bell & Bradfute. 1827

General Studies

xvi, 734 p. ; 22 cm.; UK-03-715; 12th ed., with corr., notes and an appendix.

Fiche: 84943-84950
Alexander, William, 1794-1859.

An abridgement of the acts of the parliaments of Scotland : from the reign of James the first in 1424 to the union with England in 1707, including verbatim all the acts now in force and use : with notes and references, and an appendix containing a chronological table of the titles of the whole acts and statutes passed by the Scottish parliaments.

Edinburgh : A. and C. Black. 1841

General Studies

xl, 20, 436, 112 p. ; 25 cm.; UK-03-716.

Fiche: 84967-84973
Erskine, John, 1695-1768.

Principles of the law of Scotland.

Edinburgh : Bell & Bradfute. 1895

General Studies

xix, 682, lxxxii p. ; 23 cm.; UK-03-717; 19th ed., by John Rankine.

Fiche: 84988-84996
Erskine, John, 1695-1768.

An institute of the law of Scotland : in four books : in the order of Sir George Mackenzie's Institutions of that law.

Edinburgh : Printed for Bell & Bradfute. 1805

General Studies

2 v. in 1 : port. ; 34 cm.; UK-03-718; 4th ed., with notes and additions.

Fiche: 84997-85008
Watson, James, Esq.

A practical view of the statute law of Scotland : from the year MCCCCXXIV, to the close of the session of Parliament MDCCCXXVII, in a series of titles, alphabetically arranged.

Edinburgh : Printed for Bell & Bradfute and T.M. Shiells. 1828

General Studies

2 v. ; 24 cm.; UK-03-719.

Fiche: 85023-85034
Chisholm, John, b. 1857.

The justice's digest of the law of Scotland : specially designed for the use of justices of the peace, county councillors, etc. : being the work of the late Hugh Barclay.

Edinburgh : T. & T. Clark. 1894

General Studies

707 p. ; 23 cm.; UK-03-720; revised and in great part rewritten by John Chisholm. 5th ed.

Fiche: 85046-85053
Barclay, Hugh, 1799-1884.

Notices of decided points in competitions in sequestrations.

Edinburgh : T. & T. Clark. 1848

General Studies

vi, 66 p. ; 20 cm.; UK-03-721.

Fiche: 85114
MacBrair, David Johnston.

Practice in bankruptcy in Scotland : being an analysis of the acts 19 and 20 Vict., cap. 79 to consolidate and amend the laws relating to bankruptcy in Scotland, and 19 and 20 Vict., cap. 91 to amend and re-enact certain provisions of the act of the 54 Geo. III., relating to judicial procedure and securities in debts in Scotland : both passed 20th July 1856 : with forms and styles adapted for professional use.

Edinburgh : T. & T. Clark. 1856

General Studies

xii, 168, 70 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.; UK-03-722.

Fiche: 85163-85165

The justices' manual : containing the Justices' Protection Act, the Summary Jurisdiction Act, 1851, the Petty Sessions' Act, 1851, and the Law of Evidence Amendment acts, and the Summary Larceny Act : with notes, comments, table of cases, and copious index.

Dublin : E.J. Milliken. 1857

General Studies

xii, 351 p. ; 20 cm.; UK-03-723; 2nd ed.; by Edward P. Levinge.

Fiche: 85230-85233
Young, T. C.

Lectures on Scots law : delivered under the auspices of the Stirlingshire Faculty of Solicitors and Procurators, in February, March, and April 1889.

Glasgow : W. Hodge. 1889

General Studies

viii, 105 p. ; 23 cm.; UK-03-724; T.C. Young and Robert Hislop.

Fiche: 85259-85260
Hallard, Frederick.

A few words on the law and legislation of the past year : addressed to the solicitors-at-law and other practitioners before the Sheriff Court of Edinburgh.

Edinburgh : Muir & Paterson. 1878

General Studies

30 p. ; 21 cm.; UK-03-725.

Fiche: 85262
Probyn, J.W.

Systems of land tenure in various countries : a series of essays published under the sanction of the Cobden Club.

London : Cassell Petter & Galpin. [1876]

Collected Essays

viii, 418 p. ; 19 cm.; UK-04-241; edited by J.W. Probyn. New ed.

Fiche: 85645-85649
Systems of land tenure in various countries : a series of essays published under the sanction of the Cobden Club.

London : Macmillan. 1870

Collected Essays

vi, 431 p. ; 22 cm.; UK-04-242; 2nd ed.

Fiche: 85869-85873
Le Geyt, Philippe, 1635-1716.

Les manuscrits de Philippe Le Geyt, écuyer, lieutenant-bailli de l'aile de Jersey : sur la constitution, les lois, et les usages de cette aile.

St. Hélier, Jersey : P. Falle. 1846-1847

General Studies

4 v. ; 24 cm.; UK-03-503.

Fiche: 9983-10009

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