Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Ohio Valley and the South Author Index

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Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Ohio Valley and the South

Author Index

Abdy, Edward Strutt.

Journal of a Residence and Tour in the United States of North America.

London, J. Murray. 1835

3 v.
Abraham Africanus I.

His Secret Life.

New York, J.F. Feeks. 1864

Adams, W.E.

The Slaveholders' War: An Argument For the North and the Negro.

Manchester, Union and Emancipation Society. 1863
Ainslie, Hew.

A pilgrimage to the land of Burns: and poems.

Paisley and London, A. Gardner. 1892
Ainslie, Hew.

Scottish Songs, Ballads and Poems.

New York, Redfield. 1855
Alexander, James W.

Forty Years' Familiar Letters of James W. Alexander, D.D.

New York, C. Scribner; London, Sampson, Low, Son & Company. 1860

2 v.
Allston, Washington.

Lectures on Art, and Poems.

New York, Baker and Scribner. 1850

Allston, Washington.

Manaldi: a Tale.

Boston, C.C. Little and J. Brown. 1841
Allston, Washington.

Outlines & Sketches.

Boston, S.H. Perkins. 1850
Allston, Washington.

The Sylphs of the Seasons; With Other Poems.

London, W. Pople. 1813
Altsheler, Joseph A. (Joseph Alexander).

Before the dawn, a story of the fall of Richmond.

New York, Doubleday, Page & Company. 1903
Altsheler, Joseph A. (Joseph Alexander).

The candidate: a political romance.

New York and London, Harper & Brothers. 1905
Altsheler, Joseph A. (Joseph Alexander).

A Herald of the West; An American Story of 1811-1815.

New York, D. Appleton and Company. 1898
Altsheler, Joseph A. (Joseph Alexander).

The hidden mine.

New York, Continental Pub. Co. 1898
Altsheler, Joseph A. (Joseph Alexander).

The hidden mine.

New York, J.S. Tait & Sons. [ca.1896]
Altsheler, Joseph A. (Joseph Alexander).

My captive: a novel.

New York, D. Appleton and Company. 1902
Altsheler, Joseph A. (Joseph Alexander).

The rainbow of gold.

New York, Continental Publishing Company. 1896
Altsheler, Joseph A. (Joseph Alexander).

A Soldier of Manhattan, and His Adventures at Ticonderoga and Quebec.

New York, D. Appleton and Company. 1897
Altsheler, Joseph A. (Joseph Alexander).

The Sun of Saratoga, a romance of Burgoyne's surrender.

New York, D. Appleton and Company. 1897
An American.

Letter on American Slavery.

Edinburgh, printed by Miller and Fairly. 1846

Addressed to the editor of the "Witness," 1846.

American Civil War.


Correspondence with Mr. H.C. Carey, of Philadelphia, August-September, 1861.
The American Pioneer, a monthly periodical, devoted to the objects of the Logan Historical Society; or, to collecting and publishing sketches relative to the early settlement and successive improvement of the country.

Cincinnati, J.S. Williams. 1842-1843

2 v.
Ames, Mary C.

A memorial of Alice and Phoebe Cary, with some of their later poems.

New York, Hurd and Houghton. 1874
Anderson, Charles.

An address on Anglo-Saxon destiny.

Cincinnati, printed by J.D. Thorpe. 1850
Anderson, Charles.

An Oration on the Real Nature and Value of the American Revolution.

Cincinnati, C.F. Bradley & Co., printers. 1855
Andrews, Mary Raymond Shipman.

A kidnapped colony.

New York and London, Harper & Brothers. 1903

illustrated by E.M. Ashe.

Andrews, Mary Raymond Shipman.

Vive l'empereur.

New York, C. Scribner's Sons. 1902

illustrated by F.C. Yohn.

Arnold, George.

Life and Adventures of Jeff. Davis.

Hinsdale, N.H., Hunter & Co. 1865
Arthur, William.

English Opinion on the American Rebellion.

Manchester, C. Chorlton.
Ashe, Thomas.

Memoirs and Confessions of Captain Ashe.

London, H. Colburn. 1815

3 v.
Ashe, Thomas.

Memoirs of mammoth, and various other extraordinary and stupendous bones, of incognita, or non-descript animals, found in the vicinity of the Ohio, Wabash, Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, Osage, and Red Rivers.

Liverpool, printed by G.F. Harris. 1806

Ashe, Thomas.

Travels in America, performed in 1806, for the purpose of exploring the rivers.

London; Newburyport, Mass., Re-printed for W. Sawyer & Co., by E.M. Blunt. 1808
Associate Reformed Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge.

Constitution of the Associate reformed society for the promotion of Christian knowledge.

Lexington, Ky., printed by T.T. Skillman. 1812
Atwater, Caleb.

Essay on Education.

Cincinnati, printed by Kendall & Henry. 1841
Atwater, Caleb.

The General Character, present and Future Prospects of the People of Ohio.

Columbus, printed by P.H. Olmsted & Co. 1827
Atwater, Caleb.

A history of the State of Ohio, Natural and Civil.

Cincinnati, stereotyped by Glezen & Shepard. 1838

2d ed.
Atwater, Caleb.

Writings of Caleb Atwater.

Columbus, O., the author, printed by Scott and Wright. 1833

Aughey, John Hill.

The Iron Furnace; or, Slavery and Secession.

Philadelphia, J.S. Claxton. 1865
Avery, R.J., Mrs.

Wood notes wild.

Nashville, Cameron and Fall. 1843

by Mrs. R.J. Avery of Tennessee.

Badin, Stephen Theodore.

Origine et progres de la mission du Kentucky, par un temoin eculaire.

Paris, A. Le Clere. 1821
Bagby, George William.

John M. Daniel's Latch-Key, a memoir of the late editor of the Richmond Examiner.

Lynchburg, Va., J.P. Bell & Co. 1868
Bagby, George William.

Meekins' twinses, perduckshun uv Mozis Addums.

Richmun, Westun, Jonsum & Kumpny. 1877
Bagby, George William.

Original letters of Mozis Addums to Billy Ivvins.

Richmond, printed for the author by Clemitt & Jones. 1878
Baird, Henry Carey.

George Washington and General Jackson, on Negro Soldiers.

Philadelphia, H.C. Baird. 1863
Baird, Robert.

View of the Valley of the Mississippi; or, The emigrant's and traveller's guide to the west.

Philadelphia, H.S. Tanner. 1832
Baker, De Witt Clinton, comp.

A Texas scrap-book.

New York, Chicago (etc.), A.S. Barnes and Company. (1875)

Made up of the history, biography, and miscellany of Texas and its people.

Baker, La Fayette Charles.

The United States Secret Service In the Late War.

Philadelphia, J.E. Potter and Company. 1889
Baldwin, Joseph Glover.

The Flush Times of Alabama and Mississippi.

New York, D. Appleton and Company. 1853
Baldwin, Joseph Glover.

Party Leaders: sketches of Thomas Jefferson, Alex'r Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay, John Randolph, of Roanoke.

New York, D. Appleton and Company. 1855
Baldwin, Oliver P.

Southern and South-Western Sketches.

Richmond, J.W. Randolph. 1852

Edited by a gentleman of Richmond.

Baldwin, Oliver P.

Virginia, Her Past and Her Future.

Richmond, Va., E.A. Gallaher & Co. 1852

An address before William and Mary College, Williamsburg, Va., 1852.

Ballard, Robert E.

Myrtle lawn.

Philadelphia, T.B. Peterson & Brothers. (ca.1879)

A novel.
Banks, Nancy Huston, Mrs.

Stairs of Sand.

Chicago and New York, Rand, McNally & Company. 1890

Barbe, Waitman.

Ashes and Incense, poems.

Philadelphia, J.P. Lippincott Company. 1892
Barbe, Waitman.

In the Virginias, stories and sketches.

Akron, O., The Werner Company. 1896
Barnett, Evelyn Snead.

Jerry's reward.

Boston, L.C. Page & Company. 1903

illustrated by Etheldred B. Barry.

Barnett, Evelyn Snead.

Mrs. Delire's euchre party: and other tales.

Franklin, O., The Editor Publishing Co. (ca.1895)
Barry, Joseph.

The Annals of Harper's Ferry, From the Establishment of the National Armory in 1794 to the Present Time, 1869.

Hagerstown, Md., Dechert & Co., printers. 1869
Bartlett, Elisha.

A brief sketch of the life, character, and writings of William Charles Wells, M.D., F.R.S.

Louisville, Ky., Prentice and Weissinger. 1849

An address delivered before the Louisville Medical Society, 1849.

Bartlett, Elisha.

Simple settings, in verse, for six portraits and pictures.

Boston, Ticknor and Fields. 1855

From Mr. Dicken's gallery.

Barton, William E.

Lieutenant William Barton of Morris county, New Jersey, and his descendants.

Oak Park, Ill., Vaile Press. 1900
Barton, William E.

The story of a pumpkin pie, told in verse...and in pictures.

Chicago, The Pilgrim Press. (1896)

by A(rchibald) M. Willard, Boston.

Baskervill, William Malone.

Southern Writers: biographical and critical studies.

Nashville, Tenn., Publishing House of M.E. Church, South. 1897

Volume I.

Baskett, James N.

"At You-all's House"; a Missouri nature story.

New York, London, The Macmillan Company. 1898
Baskett, James N.

As the light led.

New York., The Macmillan Company, London, Macmillan & Co., Ltd. 1900
Baskett, James N.

Sweetbrier and thistledown.

Boston and Chicago, W.A. Wilde Company. (1902)

with frontispiece illustration by W.F. Stecher.

Bates, Elisha.

The Doctrines of Friends.

Mountpleasant, O., printed and published by the author. 1825
Bates, Elisha.

An examination of certain proceedings and principles of the Society of Friends, called Quakers.

St. Clairsville, O., printed for the author by Horton H. Howard. 1837
Bates, Elisha.

The Retrospect; or, Reflections on the goodness of providence.

Mountpleasant, O., printed and published by the author. 1825
Bayne, Charles J.

The Water-Spirit's Bride.

New York, J.B. Alden. 1889
Beach, Samuel B.

Escalala: an American tale.

Utica, W. Williams. 1824
Bell, Orelia Key.

Poems of.

Philadelphia, The Rodgers Company. (ca.1896)
Bennett, Emerson.

The Artist's Bride; or, The pawnbroker's heir.

New York, Garrett, Dick & Fitzgerald. 1856
Bennett, Emerson.

The Bandits of the Osage.

Cincinnati, Robinson & Jones. 1847

A western romance.

Bennett, Emerson.

The Bride of the Wilderness.

Philadelphia, T.B. Peterson. 1854
Bennett, Emerson.

The Brigand.

New York, Xylographic Press. 1842

A poem.
Bennett, Emerson.

Clara Moreland; or, Adventures in the South-west.

Philadelphia, T.B. Peterson. 1853

Bennett, Emerson.

Forest and Prairie.

Philadelphia, J.W. Bradley. 1860
Bennett, Emerson.

The Forest Rose: a tale of the frontier.

Cincinnati, J.A. & U.P. James. 1850
Bennett, Emerson.

Kate Clarendon; or, Necromancy in the wilderness.

Cincinnati, O., St. Louis, Mo., Stratton & Barnard. 1848
Bennett, Emerson.

League of the Miami.

Cincinnati, Lorenzo Stratton. 1851
Bennett, Emerson.


Cincinnati and St. Louis, Stratton & Barnard. 1849
Bennett, Emerson.

Mike Fink: a legend of the Ohio.

Cincinnati, Robinson & Jones. 1848
Bennett, Emerson.

The Phantom of the Forest, a tale of the dark and bloody ground.

Philadelphia, J.E. Potter. 1868

Author's rev. ed.

Bennett, Emerson.

Wild Scenes on the Frontiers.

Philadelphia, Hamelin. 1859
Bennett, William Wallace.

A narrative of the great revival which prevailed in the Southern Armies during the late Civil War between the States of the Federal Union.

Philadelphia, Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger. 1877
Bentley, Richard.

Dr. Bentley's Dedication of Horace, translated.

London, J. Morphew in Latin and English. 1712?

To which is added, a poem in Latin and English, inscribed to...Lord Halifax; 3d ed.

Bigelow, John.

France and the Confederate Navy, 1862-1868.

New York, Harper & Brothers. 1888
[Birch, Thomas], comp.

The court and times of Charles the First.

London, H. Colburn. 1848

illustrated by authenic and confidential letters...including Memoirs of the mission in England of the Capuchin friars in the service of Queen Henrietta Maria. By Father Cyprien de Gamache...Edited, with an introduction and notes, by the author of..."The court and times of James I," etc. [i.e. Robert Folkestone Williams]; 2 v.

Bird, Robert Montgomery.

Peter Pilgrim; or, A rambler's recollections.

Philadelphia, Lea & Blanchard. 1838

2 v.
Birkbeck, Morris.

Notes on a journey in America, from the coast of Virginia to the territory of Illinois.

Dublin, reprinted for Thomas Larkin. 1818

Birney, James Gillespie.

The American Churches, the Bulwarks of American Slavery.

Concord, N.H., P. Pillsbury. 1885

3d American ed. rev. by the author.

Birney, James Gillespie.

Correspondence between James G. Birney, of Kentucky, and several individuals of the Society of Friends.

Haverhill (Mass.), printed at the Essex Gazette Office. 1835
Birney, James Gillespie.

Correspondence, between the Hon. F.H. Elmore, one of the South Carolina delegation in Congress, and James G. Birney, one of the secretaries of the American anti-slavery society.

New York, American Anti-Slavery Society. 1838
Birney, James Gillespie.

Letter on Colonization.

New York, Office of the Anti-Slavery Reporter. 1834
Birney, James Gillespie.

A letter on the political obligations of abolitionists.

Boston, Dow & Jackson, Printers. 1839

with a reply by William Lloyd Garrison. (First published in the Emancipator).

Birney, James Gillespie.

Letter to ministers and elders, on the sin of holding slaves, and the duty of immediate emancipation.

(New York, S.W. Benedict & Co.). (1834)
Birney, James Gillespie.

Mr. Birney's second letter.

(n.p.). (1834)

To the ministers and elders of the Presbyterian Church in Kentucky.

Birney, James Gillespie.

The Sinfulness of Slaveholding in all Circumstances.

Detroit, printed by C. Wilcox. 1846
Black Hawk, Sauk Chief.

Life of Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak or Black Hawk.

Boston, Russell, Odiorne & Metcalf, New York, M. Bancroft. 1834

With an account of the cause and general history of the late war, his surrender and confinement at Jefferson barracks, and travels through the United States.

Blair, Francis Preston.

The Life and Public Services of Gen. William O. Butler.

Baltimore, N. Hickman. 1848
Blane, William Newnham.

Travels through the United States and Canada.

London, Baldwin and Co. 1828
Bledsoe, Albert Taylor.

An essay on liberty and slavery.

Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott. 1856
Bledsoe, Albert Taylor.

Is Davis a Traitor; or, Was secession a constitutional right previous to the war of 1861?.

Baltimore, printed for the author by Innes & Company. 1866
Blodget, Lorin.

The Commercial and Financial Strength of the United States, as Shown in the Balances of Foreign Trade and the Increased Production of Staple Articles.

Philadelphia, King & Baird, printers. 1864
Bocock, John Holmes.

Selections from the religious and literary writings of John H. Bocock, D.D.

Richmond, Va., Whittet & Shepperson, printers. 1891

with a biographical sketch by C.R. Vaughan, D.D. Edited by his widow.

Bogart, William Henry.

Daniel Boone, and the Hunters of Kentucky.

Boston, Lee and Shepard. 1870
Boner, John Henry.

Whispering Pines.

New York, Brentano Bros.; Washington, A. Brentano & Co. 1883
Boyle, Virginia Frazer.

Broken-burne; a southern auntie's war tale.

New York, E.R. Herrick & Company. 1897

With illustrations by Wm. Henry Walker.

Boyle, Virginia Frazer.

The other side, an historic poem.

Cambridge, Printed at the Riverside Press. 1893
Brackenridge, H.H. (Hugh Henry).

Gazette Publications.

Carlisle, Pa., printed by Alexander & Phillips. 1806
Brackenridge, H.H. (Hugh Henry).

Indian Atrocities.

Cincinnati, U.P. James. 1867

Narratives of the perils and sufferings of Dr. Knight and John Slover, among the Indians during the revolutionary war.

Brackenridge, H.H. (Hugh Henry).

Modern Chivalry: containing the adventures of a captain, and Teague O'Regan, his servant.

Published by Jacob Johnson, and sold at his bookstores in Philadelphia and Richmond, Virginia. 1807; 1808

2 v.
Brackenridge, H.M. (Henry Marie).

Recollections of persons and places in the west.

Philadelphia, J. Kay, Jun. and Brother; Pittsburg, J.J. Kay and Co. 1834

Brackenridge, H.M. (Henry Marie).

Views of Louisiana together with Journal of a voyage up the Missouri river in 1811.

Brackenridge, H.M. (Henry Marie).

Views of Louisiana, Together with a Journal of a voyage up the Missouri River, in 1811.

Pittsburgh, printed and published by Carmer, Spear and Eichbaun, Franklin Head Office. 1814
Bradshaw, Sidney Ernest.

On Southern Poetry Prior to 1860.

Richmond, Va., B.F. Johnson Publishing Company. 1900
Breckinridge, John Cabell.

History of General John Cabell Breckinridge.

New York, Knapp & Company. 1888
Breckinridge, Joseph Cabell.

Response of Gen. Joseph C. Breckinridge at the banquet of the Society of the Army of the Cumberland, Chattanooga, 1900.

Cincinnati, Press of the Robert Clarke Company. 1901
Breckinridge, Robert Jefferson.

An address delivered before the Colonization Society of Kentucky, at Frankfort, 1831.

Frankfort, Ky., A.G. Hodges, printer. 1831
Breckinridge, Robert Jefferson.

Discourse of Dr. Breckinridge, delivered on the day of national humiliation, January 4, 1861, at Lexington, Ky.

Baltimore, J.W. Woods, printer. 1861
Breckinridge, Robert Jefferson.

A discourse on the formation and development of the American mind.

Baltimore, R.J. Matchett. 1938

Delivered, Lafayette College, at Easton, Pa., 1837. And now published at their request.

Breckinridge, Robert Jefferson.

The Great Deliverance and the New Career.

Philadelphia, J.S. Claxton. 1865

An oration delivered, Union College at Schenectady, N.Y., 1865. Pub. by order of the society.

Breckinridge, Robert Jefferson.

Hints on Slavery.

Lexington, Ky. 1843

Founded on the state of the constitution, laws and politics of Kentucky, thirteen years ago.

Breckinridge, Robert Jefferson.

The Nation's Success and Gratitude.

Philadelphia, H.G. Ashmead, printer. 1864

The substance of a discourse delivered in Danville, Ky., 1863, a day of national thanksgiving and prayer.

Breckinridge, Robert Jefferson.

The Second Defense of Robert J. Breckinridge Against the Calumnies of Robert Wickliffe.

Louisville, Ky., Prentice and Weissinger, printers. 1841

being a reply to his printed speech of November 9, 1840.

Breckinridge, Robert Jefferson.

Speech of Robert J. Breckinridge, Lexington, Ky., in reply to the Speech of Robert Wickliffe.

Lexington, Ky., N.L. & J.W. Finnell, printers. 1840

More particularly in regard to the questions of the power of the legislature on the subject of slavery.

Breckinridge, William C.P.

Address delivered at the centennial celebration of the settlement of Breckinridge County, on the site of Hardin's old fort, near Hardinsburg, 1882.

Frankfort, Ky., printed at the Kentucky Yeoman Office, Major, Johnston & Barrett. 1882
Brewster, George.

Lectures on Education.

Columbus, printed for the author, by J. Bailhache. 1833
Bristed, John.

The Resources of the United States of America.

New York, published by James Eastburn & Co. at the Literary Rooms, Broadway corner of Pine Street, Abraham Paul, printer. 1818
Britton, James B.

The Practice of Duelling in View of Human and Divine Law.

Indianapolis, printed by Livingston and Comingore. 1838

A sermon preached before the congregation of Christ Church, in Indianapolis, 1838.

Brodhead, Eva W. (McGlasson), Mrs.

Ministers of grace; a novelette.

New York, Harper & Brothers. 1894
Brodhead, Eva W. (McGlasson), Mrs.

One of the Visconti; a novelette.

New York, C. Scribner's Sons. 1896
Brodhead, Eva W. (McGlasson), Mrs.

A prairie infanta.

Philadelphia, H. Altemus Company. (1904)
Brotherton, Alice, Mrs.

The Sailing of King Olaf, and other poems.

Chicago, C.H. Kerr & Company. 1887
Brown, George.

The American War and Slavery.


Speech, at the anniversary meeting of the Anti-slavery Society of Canada. Manchester, Union and Emancipation Society, 1863.

Brown, John.

The life, trial and conviction of Captain John Brown, known as "Old Brown of Ossawatomie".

New York, R.M. De Witt. 1859
Brown, John Henry.

History of Texas, From 1685 to 1892.

St. Louis, L.E. Daniell. 1892-1893

2 v.
Brown, John Henry.

Indian wars and pioneers of Texas.

Austin, Tex., L.E. Daniell. (1890-?)

Brown, John Henry.

Life and times of Henry Smith, the first American governor of Texas.

Dallas, Tex., A.D. Aldridge & Co., printers. 1887
Brown, John Mason.

An oration, delivered on the occasion of the centennial commemoration of the battle of the Blue Licks, 1882.

Frankfort, Ky., printed at the Kentucky Yeoman Office. 1882

Pub. under the auspices of the Kentucky Historical Society.

Brown, Joseph M.

The Mountain Campaigns in Georgia.

Buffalo, N.Y., Art-Printing Works of Matthews, Northrop & Co. 1886
Browne, Francis Fisher.

Bugle Echoes: a collection of the poetry of the Civil War, Northern and Southern.

New York, F.A. Stokes & Brothers. 1890
Browne, John Ross.

Crusoe's island; a ramble in the footsteps of Alexander Selkirk.

New York, Harper & Brothers. 1864

With sketches of adventure in California and Washoe.

Browne, John Ross.

Etchings of a whaling cruise, with notes of a sojourn on the island of Zanzibar.

New York, Harper & Brothers. 1850

To which is added a brief history of the whale fishery.

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