Night Study Guide Chapter 1-3 Chapter Summaries

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Night Study Guide Chapter 1-3

  1. Chapter Summaries

  2. Quotable Quotes (2)

  3. Discuss the reasons that modern day Elie is obviously frustrated with his people?

  4. List at least three atrocities seen or heard about thus far.

  5. Dicuss the irony and foreshadowing of Madame Schachter’s experience.

Night Study Guide Chapter 4

  1. Summarize Chapter

  2. Contrast the two hangings and Elie’s response to each.

  3. Quotables Quotes (2)

  4. 8 panel storyboard

Night Study Guide 5-end

  1. Summarize

  2. Quotable Quotes (1 per chapter)

  3. Evaluate Elie’s response to his father’s death.

  4. Explain the last line of the book.

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