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1. Who suggests that Elie lie about his age? and why?

2. Know Moche the Beadle’s story of what happened following his deportation from Sight.

3. What happened to the prisoners who stayed in the infirmary after the other prisoners were evacuated?

4. Do the Germans arrest the leaders of the Jewish community before or after Passover?

5. For what does Elie pray on New Year’s Day?

6. What happens to Elie’s shoes?

7. What is the significance of the book’s title, Night?

8. How did some of the religious Jews view God’s role in the camp atrocities?

9. Who serves as Elie’s master of the Kabballah?

10. Why did Elie Wiesel include Moche the Beadle in his narrative?

11. How do the people of Sighet react to Moche the Beadle’s stories upon his return?

12. Why was Moche the Beadle chosen to be deported on an early basis?

13. According to Moche, how does a man become closer to God?

14. What is the Jewish community in Sighet’s attitude toward the Germans during the first five years of World War II?

15. After Passover, Elie says “the curtain rose.” To what does this statement refer?

16. Why were two ghettos set up in Sighet?

17. How did Elie learn that the Jews were to be deported?

18. Who were the three individuals who tried to warn Elie’s family to escape?

19. Why do the people of Sighet find it unbelievable that Hitler could be planning to exterminate the entire Jewish population?

20. In the Jewish ghettos, what is each Jew required to wear?

21. How do the people of Sighet try to justify their deportation?

22. Who is Madame Schachter?

23. What does Elie claim as his occupation when asked by Dr. Mengele?

24. After first arriving at Birkenau, what means of suicide does Elie consider?

25. At Birkenau, what job is given to men who are chose for their strength?

26. What words are written over the iron door leading to Auschwitz?

27. What happened to the dentist who has been selling prisoners’ teeth?

28. What makes the execution of the pipel more tragic than the others?

29. When Elie’s father thinks he will be sent to the crematory, what does he give Elie?

30. Why does Elie’s father need the help of Meir Katz?

31. After his father’s death, where is Elie transferred?

32. Be able to identify the following literary elements – alliteration, anaphora, foreshadowing, irony, metaphor, paradox, simile, symbolism, and theme.

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