Next steps for implementation of the Digital Economy Act August 2011

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Next steps for implementation of the Digital Economy Act

August 2011

Our aim is to improve the quality of life for all through cultural and sporting activities, support the pursuit of excellence, and champion the tourism, creative and leisure industries.

  1. Introduction

The Government has published today its response to Professor Hargreaves’ Review of Intellectual Property and Growth. The report is clear that intellectual property is of fundamental importance to economic growth, and that maximising its contribution relies on both enabling use of intellectual property and protecting it.
The Government’s response makes it clear that the UK copyright regime does need modernising to enable use of intellectual property rights to promote growth and innovation, and we will pursue the recommendations that Professor Hargreaves makes.
Protection and enforcement are other factors which need our attention. Alongside our response to Hargreaves, we have published the UK Intellectual Property Crime Strategy, which sets out how we will better co-ordinate action on intellectual property crime enforcement.
This paper sets out our plans to move forward with implementation of the enforcement measures in the Digital Economy Act (DEA):

  • Following a judicial review ruling, we are removing the obligation on internet service providers (ISPs) to contribute towards the costs of Ofcom and the independent appeals body in setting up and administering the regime. We do not intend to revisit the sharing of other costs between ISPs and copyright owners;

  • We have received further advice from Ofcom on the potential costs of the appeals system, which we are publishing today. In order to minimise the risk of the system being disrupted by vexatious or non bona fide appeals, we are introducing a £20 fee for subscribers to appeal. The fee will be refunded if the appeal is successful;

  • Ofcom’s Code, setting out the details of how the DEA initial obligations will work in practice, will be published shortly;

  • Following advice from Ofcom - which we are publishing today - we will not bring forward site blocking regulations under the DEA at this time. We will do more work on what other measures can be pursued to tackle online copyright infringement.

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