Newsletter nb 2013 By-Town Annual General Meeting The Annual General meeting will be held beginning at 11: 15

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2013 membership dues are payable now

Please mail your cheque—made out to Lise Jette—c/o the Heritage Club office at the address below. (Cheques made out to “Heritage Club” or “By-Town Chapter” can no longer be accepted, due to associated costs.). Chapter records are audited annually.

HERITAGE CLUB (By-Town Chapter)

2701 RIVERSIDE DR, Suite N0670


Cause of Choice

Each year, By-Town Chapter chooses a worthy cause to raise funds for. In the past, we have donated to the Hospice at May Court, Ottawa’s Seven Women’s Shelters, and Rogers House. In 2012, the chapter donated $2,000 to the Canada Post Community Foundation. Funds were raised at chapter events like the annual golf tournament and with the kind donation of numerous items for our auction from members and local businesses. Members also contribute generously at monthly luncheons and other events. The chapter’s Cause of Choice for 2013 is Ottawa Therapy Dogs Ottawa Therapy Dogs is a volunteer-based organization providing animal-assisted activities and therapy with its members' registered therapy dogs. If you have ideas or suggestions for up upcoming cause of choice, please let us know.


To update your address or to relay other information, please contact Trish Edwards at the co-ordinates below.

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