News in Thermology 9th European Congress of Thermology

Local organising Committee

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Local organising Committee

Chair: Prof.Anna Jung

Deputy Chairman: Dr. Janusz Zuber

Members: Dr. Boleslaw Kalicki

                Dr. Alina Goszcyk
                Mgr Ewa Moszumanska
                Mgr inz. Piotr Murawaski


the European City of Culture for 2000, is one of the most visited cities in Poland. This former capital city has a wealth of preserved buildings and culture over many centuries. It is a major centre of science and learning, its renowned Jagellonian University is one of the oldest in Europe from 1466. The University Museum contains many items dating back to Copernicus, who received his degree there.  The main square is the largest medieval market square in Europe. In the centre is the famous Cloth Hall from the 12th century, which today is a centre for local arts, crafts and souvenirs. A few hundred meters away stands the Royal Castle commanding a view of the whole city. The origins of this historic building date back to the year 1000 AD.

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