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Call for papers: “TTM-  21st Century Health”

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Call for papers: “TTM-  21st Century Health”

1st International Conference of Thermal Texture Mapping (TTM), Technology in Medicine and Engineering

9-11 April 2003, Westin Galleria Hotel,  Houston, Texas, U.S.A

The TTM Technology in Medicine and Engineering Society will celebrate its 1st annual international conference in Texas, U.S.A in 2003.  This is the first time that a TTM Evaluation Technology Meeting will be held in  America.  This conference is designed to bring together scientists, engineers, medical researchers, biomedical engineers, physicians and educators to further examine and explore  the TTM concept.  The 1st TTM Conference gathers together the broad multidisciplinary topics of TTM technology, and is the largest Conference of its kind in the world. Houston is proud to host this meeting, and we sincerely hope that it will be a successful and rewarding experience for everyone.

This conference will focus on the application of the science and technology involved in  TTM . Its scope ranges from IT technology to health monitoring, and from fundamental physics of TTM to medical treatment evaluation, and food and medicine. As a special feature, all of our oral platform sessions will include presentations by physicians, medical researchers and engineers working in medical centers, universities and industry.

The conference committee cordially invites you to attend and submit papers addressing the following themes:

  •     Imaging and Image Processing

  •     Cancer Early Detection

  •     TTM medical Information Engineering

  •     Medical Treatment Monitoring and Evaluation

  •     Health Screen Systems Modeling

  •     Instrumentation, Sensors and Measurements

  •     TTM Evaluation Technology Education

  •     Clinical Engineering and Technology Assessment

The venue for the meeting is the Westin Galleria Hotel and Entertainment Complex with its entertainments and shopping, and many other attractions, but we also hope that you will be interested in exploring the city, with its restaurants, theater and culture. Houston is home to the largest energy companies in the world, the Johnson Space Center (NASA), and the Texas Medical Center, which is the largest medical research and healthcare complex in the world serving 4.2 million patients annually.

Conference Committee

General Conference Co-chairs        

Nicholas Diakides Ph.D., ACA                                                    
Dr. Zhongqi Liu, Academy of TTM Technology
Dr. Kathy Wang  M.D. TTM International

Technical Program Co-Chairs

Moinuddin Hassan Ph.D.,NIH
Ioannis Pavlidis Ph.D. Prof. of University of Houston
Hairong Qi Ph.D. Prof. of University of Tennessee

Conference information:

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