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No Warming – studies flawed Global warming hoax – studies were manipulated

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No Warming – studies flawed

Global warming hoax – studies were manipulated

Baker 7/19/10 (David R. staff writer for the San Francisco Chronicl, Climategate' fallout may impact legislation
But many environmentalists and climate researchers fear the damage has already been done.

The scandal spawned big headlines and heated blog posts when it erupted last fall after hackers released a stash of unflattering e-mails from a climate research lab in Britain. In one message, a scientist wrote of using a "trick" to "hide the decline" in temperature-proxy data from tree rings. Global warming doubters claimed vindication.

British and American investigations have now largely exonerated the scientists, saying they did not warp their studies to reach a pre-determined end. But the public may not buy it. Some polls show the public's belief in the reality of climate change has ebbed, although other surveys disagree.

Climate change data is wrong and excludes the work of skeptics

WSJ 7/ 16/10 (A Climate Absolution? The alarmists still won't separate science from politics,
Climategate is media shorthand for the debate over the content of thousands of emails and documents that were released without authorization from the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit (CRU). At its core, the scandal was as much about the integrity of the scientific process as it was about the quality of the science. Leading climate scientists were caught advising each other to delete potentially compromising emails, stonewall freedom of information requests and game the peer review process to exclude contributions from skeptical colleagues.

The Climategate emails also revealed a habit among climate scientists of trimming their scientific sails to the political winds, sometimes by emphasizing temperature and environmental trends at the alarmist end of the spectrum.

Warming claims have no scientific basis at all

WSJ 7/ 16/10 (A Climate Absolution? The alarmists still won't separate science from politics,
For anyone who believes that science benefits from transparency, Climategate was a very good thing. The scandal prompted reporters, bloggers, independent scientists and parliamentary committees to take a closer look at the "settled science." A widely cited claim by the IPCC that Himalayan glaciers would all but vanish by 2035 was debunked. Another stunner about a potential 40% decline in the Amazonian rainforest "appears to have absolutely no scientific basis at all," according to Roger Pielke, Jr., an environmental studies professor at the University of Colorado. Other attention-getting IPCC assertions turn out to have been based on the work of environmental pressure groups and popular magazines.

Data supporting climate change is manufactured and one sided

Donelson 7/19/10 (Tom, chairman of Americas PAC, Climate science: Lies and Cover ups,
Patrick Michaels, a climate specialist with the University of Virginia, stated, “Climate Research and several other journals have stopped accepting anything that substantially challenges the received wisdom on global warming perpetuated by the CRU. I have had four perfectly good manuscripts rejected out of hand since the CRU shenanigans, and I'm hardly the only one. Roy Spencer of the University of Alabama, Huntsville, has noted that it's becoming nearly impossible to publish anything on global warming that's nonalarmist in peer-reviewed journals.” We are told that climate change is a decided science, but we now know that much of the science supporting man made climate change and the world is going to end has been manufactured and that there have been serious attempts to silence critics by denying them access to prestigious jounrals or grant money to study the issues. It is a bullying attempt that ends debate while creating false premise among the general public that scientists are in agreement on climate change. A researcher friend of mine described climategate as the scientific Watergate, only ten times worse.

Yes Warming – generic

New evidence proves that climate change remains a lingering threat

Jansen 07/15/2010 – staff writer at Tainted Green News (Matt Jansen: Hottest Record June makes ignoring global warming difficult at: RC)

A single data point does not a pattern make but this past June is the hottest month ever since we’ve started recording temperatures, and 2010 has also offset 1998 as the year with the most warmest months. Facts like that make it difficult to claim global warming is a figment of imagination, and it shifts the discussion more toward what causes it instead. Humans certainly are creating carbon dioxide (among many other waste materials) and pumping them into the atmosphere but so far scientists haven’t been able to prove the connection between that waste and global warming. At least not to the satisfaction of businesses and other entities that are profiting from said waste production. The NOAA says: The combined global land and ocean average surface temperature for June 2010 was the warmest on record at 61.1°F (16.2°C), which is 1.22°F (0.68°C) above the 20th century average of 59.9°F (15.5°C). It gets better though because temperature have direct impact on more than just human-inhabited areas. Arctic sea ice covered an average of 4.2 million square miles (10.9 million square kilometers) during June. This is 10.6 percent below the 1979-2000 average extent and the lowest June extent since records began in 1979. This was also the 19th consecutive June with below-average Arctic sea ice extent.

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