New Imperialism: chapter 12 section 1 Study Guide p. 130 Causes of the New Imperialism Causes

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New Imperialism: CHAPTER 12 SECTION 1

Study Guide p. 130)

Causes of the New Imperialism


  • Need for natural resources

  • Desire for new markets

  • Bankers sought to invest their profits.

  • Colonies offered an outlet for Europe's population.

  • Ships needed bases for coal and other supplies.

  • Leaders claimed colonies were needed for national security.

  • Belief that empires increased prestige

  • Desire to spread Western civilization

  • Western sense of racial superiority

  • Decline of older civilizations

  • Superior weapons and transportation

  • New medicines

Summary p. 131

Reading Check Possible answers: They fought the invaders, tried to strengthen their societies, or organized nationalist movements.

Vocabulary Strategy Prestige means "the power to impress or influence because of success or wealth."

Reading Skill Possible answers: Industrial Revolution led to need for raw materials and new markets, outlet for growing population, national security, bases to supply ships, prestige, duty to spread Western civilization, sense of racial superiority, Social Darwinism.

Review Questions 1. the West's growing sense of racial superiority; Social Darwinism; 2. Protectorate: Local rulers were left in place but followed advice of European advisors. Sphere of influence: Outside power claimed exclusive investment or trading privileges, but did not rule the area.

Study Guide p. 132

Causes and Effects of the Partition of Africa


  • Explorers and missionaries increase contact.

  • King Leopold arranges trade treaties in Africa.

  • Rival claims by Britain, France and Germany

  • Berlin Conference


  • Europeans establish new borders in Africa.

  • European states exploit Africans.

  • European powers scramble for colonies.

  • Africans resist.

  • Western-educated African elite emerges.

  • African leaders forge nationalist movements.

Summary p. 133

Reading Check Ethiopia

Vocabulary Strategy Domain means "territory over which rule or control is exercised."

Reading Skill The cause of migrations was that Zulus conquered nearby people; the effect was the conquered people conquered others.

Review Questions 1. the Ottoman empire; 2. King Leopold of Belgium hired Stanley to arrange trade treaties with African leaders.


Study Guide p. 134

European Presence in Muslim Regions

Europeans demand special rights.

Europeans intervene in local affairs.

European states work to take over Ottoman lands. British gain control of the Suez Canal.

Egypt becomes a British protectorate.

Russia and Britain seek oil resources in Persia. Persia grants concessions to Britain and Russia.

Summary p. 135

Reading Check Ottomans in Middle East, Safavids in Persia, Mughals in India

Vocabulary Strategy Bureaucracy means "government staffed by administrators and officials who follow rigid rules."

Reading Skill Iranian nationalists were outraged. Review Questions 1. At its height, the Ottoman empire extended across North Africa, southeastern Europe, and parts of the Middle East. 2. He introduced political and economic reforms; he conquered neighboring lands of Arabia, Syria, and Sudan; he set Egypt on the road to becoming a major Middle Eastern power.

Study Guide p. 136

Causes and Effects of British Rule in India


  • Mughal empire lacks strong rulers.

  • British East India Company increases influence.

  • British exploit India's diversity to take control.

  • British use force.

  • Sepoy Rebellion

  • British viceroy replaces East India Company.


  • India's once prosperous hand-weaving industry is ruined.

  • Massive deforestation

  • Population growth

  • Famines sweep India in late 1800s.

  • Revised legal system

  • Exposure to Western ideas leads to nationalist movement.

  • Improved technology in transportation and communications

On-Level Summary (p. 137)

Reading Check a custom in which a widow jumped on her husband's funeral fire

Vocabulary Strategy Overall means "total."

Reading Skill Indian soldiers were ordered to bite cartridges greased with animal fat, which was against their religion. Students will list two of the following effects: Rebellion was crushed; Led to mistrust on both sides; Ended rule of East India Company

Review Questions 1. by exploiting the decline of Mughal power, the country's diversity; encouraging competition and disunity, and with force; Railroads and telegraph lines were built.

2. Indian soldiers were ordered to bite cartridges greased with animal fat, which was against their religion.


Study Guide p. 138

Causes of the Decline of Qing China


  • Opium trade disrupts economy.

  • Opium War with Britain

  • Treaty of Nanjing forces China to make concessions to British.

  • Series of "unequal treaties"

  • Flooding in Huang valley

  • Population explosion

  • Tax evasion by rich

  • Widespread government corruption

  • Taiping Rebellion

  • Defeated by Japan in Sino-Japanese War

  • Failure of Hundred Days of Reform

  • Boxer Rebellion

  • Two-year-old boy inherits the throne; China slips into chaos.

Summary p. 139

Reading Check Sun Yixian

Vocabulary Strategy Stipulate means "to specifically demand something in an agreement."

Reading Skill Multiple causes include Sino-Japanese War, European nations carving China into spheres of influence, United States concern that American merchants would be shut out of China.

Review Questions 1. China lost; Treaty of Nanjing required China to pay huge indemnity and British were granted right of extraterritoriality; to open trade in China to everyone on an equal basis;

2. The Qing government was corrupt.

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