New Deal Programs – Relief, Recovery, Reform

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New Deal Programs – Relief, Recovery, Reform

AP Focus: The Great Depression is a transformative event on many levels. It puts the government in the lives of people and provides security (structural support) to them. We did not employ a socialist government. We did not abandon capitalism. Some claimed FDR went too far, others claimed he did not go far enough. We worked within the system to address economic failures (a continuation of progressive ideals)

American Pageant: Chapter #33: The Great Depression and the New Deal

First 100 Days : the time period FDR requested from the people to let him make a difference. It runs from March 1933 until June 1933
Relief : 1 of FDR’s 3 major goals – he wanted relief given to persons in need by providing them with money, loans and jobs.
Recovery : 1 of FDR’s 3 major goals – he wanted to provide recovery for business and agriculture by passing laws that would assist them in getting back on their feet
Reform : 1 of FDR’s 3 major goals – he wanted to establish reform by passing legislation that would prevent another depression from ever happening again
First New Deal : Covers the period 1933-1935 and includes all the legislation that is passed to help America bounce back as quick as possible
Second New Deal : Covers the period 1935-1938 and includes the legislation which focused on social reform, unemployment and illness

for those suffering

Emergency Banking Act, 1933

Federal Emergency Relief Act, 1933

Public Works Administration, 1933

Works Progress Administration, 1935

Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933

Tennessee Valley Authority, 1933

for the sick economy

National Recovery Act, 1933

Home Owners Loan Corp, 1933
Federal Housing Administration, 1934
Agricultural Adjustment Act, 1933 and 1937

to prevent another Depression

Glass-Steagall Banking Act, 1933

Securities Exchange Act, 1934
Social Security Act, 1935
National Labor Relations Act, 1935
Fair Labor Standards Act, 1938

2002 (Form B) Free Response

How successful were the programs of the New Deal in solving the problems of the great depression? Assess with respect to TWO of the following





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