New chapter 15 hw use this with the new assigned reading chapter 11: The Civil War or War Between the States Name

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Section 5: The Legacy of the War

  1. How did Garland White describe the occupation of Richmond by US Colored Troops?

  2. What political changes did the civil war bring to the nation?

  3. In what way were the political changes intrusive into civilian lives?

  4. How did the National Banking Act of 1863 help the nation progress?

  5. What happened to most southern prosperity during the war?

  6. About how many Americans (north and south) died in the war?

  7. How did the 13th amendment change America forever?

  8. What did Robert E. Lee do with his life after the war?

  9. What happened to his house Arlington?

  10. Who was John Wilkes Booth?

  11. What did he do on April 14, 1865?

  12. How did the nation react to Lincoln’s death?

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