New chapter 15 hw use this with the new assigned reading chapter 11: The Civil War or War Between the States Name

Section 4: The North Takes Charge

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Section 4: The North Takes Charge

  1. How did Frank Haskell describe the Confederate attack known as Pickett’s Charge?

  2. After the charge what had happened to most of the Confederates?

  3. What made the Battle of Chancellosrville Lee’s greatest victory?

  4. What happened to Lee’s best general?

  5. Why did Lee decide to invade the North? What was he hoping to achieve?

  6. After three days of combat, how many men total had died or been wounded?

  7. Why is Gettysburg the turning point of the civil war?

  8. What happened in Vicksburg, Mississippi at the same time as Gettysburg?

  9. What had Grant achieved in his victory at Vicksburg?

  10. How did Lincoln choose to honor the dead at Gettysburg?

  11. In what way did this address help the nation?

  12. What happened to Confederate morale after Gettysburg and Vicksburg?

  13. Who were the top two generals for Lincoln that would eventually win the war?

  14. How did Grant plan to win the Civil War in the east?

  15. Why did the newspapers call Grant a “butcher”?

  16. After capturing Atlanta, how did William Sherman win victory in the west?

  17. What was his new strategy called?

  18. Why did this work so well?

  19. How did Lincoln win reelection in 1864?

  20. What happened on April 9th, 1865?

  21. How did Grant and Lee emerge as national heroes at Appomattox?

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