New chapter 15 hw use this with the new assigned reading chapter 11: The Civil War or War Between the States Name

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Section 3: Life During Wartime

  1. What is important about Mary Chestnut’s diary?

  2. What was wrong with Confederate money?

  3. By the end of the war, how much of the US army was made up of African American soldiers?

  4. Did the US government pay white and black soldiers the same?

  5. What happened at Fort Pillow in Tennessee?

  6. How did the 54th Massachusetts distinguish itself during the Battle of Fort Wagner?

  7. What did many slaves in the south do as the US army occupied southern states?

  8. What led to extreme shortages of food and supplies in the Confederacy?

  9. How did President Jefferson Davis avoid a full blown riot in Richmond, VA?

  10. How did the war stimulate the northern economy?

  11. What is the income tax and how did it pay for the cost of the civil war?

  12. What made army life for both sides a living hell?

  13. How did Clara Barton contribute to ease suffering during the war?

  14. Why did prisoners of war from both sides suffer terribly behind bars?

  15. What made Andersonville, Georgia notorious?

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