New chapter 15 hw use this with the new assigned reading chapter 11: The Civil War or War Between the States Name

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Section 2: The Politics of War

  1. According to William Yancey, why did the British oppose siding with the Confederacy and remain neutral?

  2. What was the Trent Affair?

  3. How did Lincoln avoid upsetting Republicans and the British?

  4. By 1862 what had changed about Lincoln views on slavery?

  5. What was the name of Lincoln famous order on the issue of slavery?

  6. How did slaves and free blacks react to Lincoln’s new proclamation?”

  7. Why were many northerners opposed to freeing slaves?

  8. What was the reaction of Jefferson and the south to the new Lincoln Proclamation?

  9. How did Lincoln react to dissent during the civil war?

  10. What is habeaus corpus?

  11. Can the government take away your free speech rights during a war?

  12. Who were the Copperheads?

  13. How did they pose a serious threat to Lincoln and US victory?

  14. How did the new conscription laws change the war?

  15. Why did most of the Cherokee Indians side with the Confederacy during the war?

  16. What led to the draft riots in New York City in the summer of 1863?

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