New American Icon Exhibit at the Pink Palace Museum By Alexas Arrington

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New American Icon Exhibit at the Pink Palace Museum

By Alexas Arrington

The Pink Palace Museum will be displaying a new exhibit called The Bison: American Icon through May 25, 2012. This interactive exhibit will feature Plains Indian artifacts, apparel, art, and much more, all fashioned from bison.

It will explain the reason why the bison is such a popular image in America. Also, it will describe how the Plains Indians depended on them for survival before the bison was raised for eating.

“They used all parts of the bison, for everything from their housing to their clothing to their food,” says manager of Pink Palace exhibits, Steve Masler.

The University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Museum and the Field Museum in Chicago will contribute bison related objects from their Native American collections. Therefore, this exhibit will be a combination of both the Plains Indians and the Bison exhibit.

The Bison explores the “before” and “after” of the bison’s dramatic decline. It also shows how the bison’s extinction was ultimately avoided by conservationists. The display explores the many ways that the bison’s identity was transformed into a symbol of America and a popular image.

“The bison is an American icon because it was one of the first animals to be industrialized by American people,” says tour guide, Marilyn Rawdon.

This traveling exhibit first appeared in Russell Museum in Great Fall, Mont. It has been made possible through the National Endowment for the Humanities.

The Bison exhibit expresses the importance of preserving this creature’s life. It tells when and how the decline of the bison occurred as well.

“The numbers of the bison reduced because Americans didn’t have the same respect for them as the Indians did. They killed bison and only took the hide and created trading posts throughout the West,” says Rawdon,

Not only can people find out interesting facts about the bison, but they may adopt a bison as well. This exhibit gives people information about adopting buffalo or bison and lets them know when and where they can visit the adopted animal.

The Bison: American Icon exhibit will be at the Pink Palace Museum located at 3050 Central Avenue Memphis, Tenn. Ticket prices are $9.75 for adults, $9.25 for seniors and $6.25 for children.

A bison Plains Indians’ apparel

Sacred Bison hide Bison bone pile

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