New Agriculturist Focus on /6 Focus on Agriculture after conflict

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Making an impression

Despite the success of the project so far and government efforts to address the problems of poor infrastructure, changing attitudes has been testing. Many farmers had become accustomed to handouts and provision of assistance from aid NGOs that distributed free relief during the prolonged years of civil strife. But farmers are now more understanding of the critical role they themselves have to play in a liberalised economy, and that financial assistance is available - if only as loans that have to repaid.

Through the establishment of communal coffee nurseries, ownership of the project has increased and more farmers have asked to be included. Resources are currently not available to extend the remit of the project but the ultimate aim is to provide a proven concept for coffee rehabilitation to policymakers at provincial and national level in Angola. Then, the benefits may be spread to a greater number of smallholder farmers, as well as those in other provinces and countries that have also suffered conflict.

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