New Agriculturist Focus on /6 Focus on Agriculture after conflict

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Reaping the fruits of labour

In the morning heat, the quiet streets of Gulu town in northern Uganda stir only to the sound of market traders advertising their goods, and commuters on their way to one of the many newly established businesses along the main street. Only two years ago, the town was at the heart of violent conflict in the region.

The north of Uganda, once the 'bread basket' of the country, is still suffering the consequences of over twenty years of civil war. Slow and faltering peace talks in Sudan began in 2006 with the Lord's Resistance Army - the rebel army which declared war on the government. But even now, peace is uncertain. Behind the gleaming buildings are stories of loss: abandoned villages, devastated cropland, and a lack of livestock. The war has displaced up to two million people, and with recent flooding, people are once more dependant on food aid. In such a context, agricultural skills offer a chance to rebuild what is left.

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