New Agriculturist Focus on /6 Focus on Agriculture after conflict

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Resolving conflict

In southern Sudan, VSF's six-year integrated animal health programme has continued with delivery of workshops to animal health workers, administrators, chiefs, sub-chiefs, camp leaders and cattle owners to help participants to better understand the use of pasture land, water and migration routes. Discussions include how to minimise conflicts around these issues, as well as how to improve the availability of animal health services. Project staff emphasise the benefit of consulting with tribal leaders to identify the people from their villages who are best qualified to participate and benefit from the available programs.

The programmes include initiatives to improve food security in livestock-dependent communities by strengthening basic veterinary services and establishing a network of local animal health workers. In 2006, VSF trained 875 community animal health workers in a variety of topics, and nearly 400 women in poultry and small animal care. VSF, in collaboration with local human health service providers, also helps support the education of local people about disease prevention and control and how to reduce the risk of zoonotic disease infection spreading from animals to communities. The development of privately owned animal health care businesses is supported through the provision of business skills training. Over eighty have been trained so far, while 50 animal health workers have received start-up 'privatisation kits'.

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