New Agriculturist Focus on /5 Focus on Potato

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New Agriculturist - Focus on... 08/5
Focus on... Potato

It's surprising we don't hear more about potato. Often crowded out of the headlines by the big cereals - wheat, rice and maize - potato is actually the third-most important food crop in the world. It is grown in around 100 countries and has provided food security for millions of people over thousands of years.

In this edition of New Agriculturist the power of potato is revealed together with the challenges and opportunities facing producers worldwide. In Bolivia we report on efforts to improve access for rural potato growers to high-value urban markets, and the work to conserve the vast genetic diversity of potato in the highlands of Peru. Also covered are attempts to revamp potato production in famine-stricken North Korea, the emerging market for processed potato chips in East Africa, the challenge of climate change for potato-growing areas, and the ever-present danger of the devastating late blight fungus.

Download 36.95 Kb.

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