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Ugandan reforestation project to tackle climate change

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Ugandan reforestation project to tackle climate change

The Nile Basin Reforestation Project in Uganda is the first in Africa that will receive money from the World Bank's BioCarbon Fund for reducing carbon emissions. "Forestry and agriculture in Africa are areas where we see great potential for carbon projects and a win-win opportunity for the climate change agenda," explains Inger Anderson, World Bank sustainable development director for Africa. "Through climate-smart land management and forest conservation, Africa can play a vital role in carbon sequestration and climate regulation."

Implemented by Uganda's National Forestry Authority (NFA) and local community organisations, the project will establish a plantation of pine and native species in degraded grassland areas within the Rwoho Central Forest Reserve. In addition to providing a source of income by sequestering carbon, the expansion of sustainably managed forestry resources is expected to generate about 700 jobs for local people and help Uganda meet its growing demand for wood. "Scaling up these practices is a priority, as they also have great potential for providing sustainable livelihoods for rural Africans," Anderson adds. The project is one of the first to be developed through the UN's Clean Development Mechanism.

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