Neoclassical Architecture: Monticello Name

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Neoclassical Architecture: Monticello Name:______________

Preview: What are the characteristics of Neoclassical architecture?

Virtual Tour: Go to

Click on “General House Tour.” Watch the virtual tour, then answer the questions on your own paper. After each room, click on “Click to Proceed.”

Entrance Hall

  1. What was the purpose of the Entrance Hall?


  1. Who were some people Jefferson had portraits of? Why did he choose those people?

Dining Room

  1. Describe what your experience would have been like to eat dinner at Monticello in Jefferson’s lifetime?

South Square Room

  1. What duties did women do at Monticello?

Book Room

  1. What happened to Jefferson’s first collection of books?

Southeast Piazza

  1. Describe Monticello’s “outdoor living spaces.”


  1. What was the purpose of this room?

Jefferson’s Bedchamber

  1. What was unusual about Jefferson’s bed? Why was it like that?

North Square and North Octagonal

  1. What was the purpose of these two rooms?

Upper Floors

  1. Describe the appearance and purpose of the upper floors, including the dome room.

  1. Why did Jefferson include a dome on his house?


  1. Describe three ways Monticello exhibited the characteristics of Neoclassical architecture.

When you have finished this tour, click on “Tours” in the top right corner. Then choose “Domestic Life at Monticello.” Watch the entire tour, then answer:

  1. Describe the life and duties of the slaves at Monticello.

Next, go back to “Tours” in the top right and click on “Gardens and Grounds.” Click on different parts of the map, or view the tour (if you have time) then answer:

  1. Describe the purpose and appearance of the gardens and grounds at Monticello.

  1. Analyze 2 of the elements and/or principles of architecture (line, color, shape/form, texture, space, balance, pattern, contrast, emphasis, scale/proportion, variety or unity). Remember to “Identify, Describe, Explain” ONE EXAMPLE and use complete sentences.

Download 9.85 Kb.

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