Nautical words

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Astro-Meteorology. Investigations into effects of Sun and Moon on weather.

Astro-Navigation. Conducting of a ship by observations of heavenly bodies, as distinguished from observations of terrestrial objects.

Astronomical Bearing. True bearing of a terrestrial object when derived from angle between a vertical circle passing through the object and another vertical circle passing through a heavenly body whose azimuth has been computed.

Astronomical Clock. Timepiece regulated to measure sidereal time.

Astronomical Cross Bearings. Crossed position lines obtained from observations of celestial bodies.

Astronomical Day. Interval between successive transits of mean Sun across a given meridian. Since 1924 it has coincided with the civil day: before then it commenced with Sun's superior transit and was, therefore, 12 hours slow on civil time.

Astronomical Position Line. Line of position obtained by observa­tion of a heavenly body.

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