Nautical words

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Not Under Command. Said of a vessel when, through some accident, she is not fully under control while under way.

Ntepe Dhows. Remarkable craft once built at port of Lamu. They had no stem or sternposts and planking was sewn together with coir twine. They were remarkably weatherly and fast - but very wet.

Nuclear Power. Power derived from nuclear fision which generates heat used to produce steam. Chief advantages are that large quantities of bunkers need not be carried and (for submarines) no fresh air is consumed.

Number. Flag hoist that indicates a vessel's name.

Nunatak. Isolated rocky peak rising from a sheet of inland ice.

Nun Buoy. Buoy having the shape of two cones, base to base.

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1   ...   584   585   586   587   588   589   590   591   ...   963

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