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North Preceding.* In or towards the N to W quadrant of compass. Formerly used in connection with a pair of observed stars that had crossed the meridian north of observer.

North Star. Star Polaris  Ursae Minoris.

Notary Public. Public official who is authorised to take statements on oath, and who keeps a record of all statements so made.

'Nothing Off.' Injunction to helmsman to keep ship's head close to wind, and not let it fall to leeward.

Notice of Abandonment. Formal surrender, by owner, to under­writers of policy on an insured ship that is a constructive total loss. Is a prerequisite to payment of insurance.

Notice of Readiness. Written notice, given by Master or agent of an arrived ship, stating ship's readiness to load and approximate amount of cargo required. Delivered to shipper or his agent.

Notice to Mariners. Periodical, or casual, notices issued by Hydrographic Department, or other authority, regarding changes in lights, buoys, and other navigational aids; alterations in charted information; menaces to navigation and other matters of importance and urgency to shipping and navigation.

Noting a Bill 238 Nutation

Noting a Bill. The recording, by a notary public, that a Bill of Exchange has been presented but not accepted.

Noting Protest. Making a statement under oath in the presence of a notary public, and before the full implication of the matter protested is known. By reserving the right to 'extend', the Protest can be amplified as relevant information becomes available.

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