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Mast House. Long shed in which masts are built. Masting

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Mast House. Long shed in which masts are built.

Masting. Erecting masts in a vessel.

Masting Sheers. Tall sheer legs used for stepping a mast, or for removing it from a vessel. Erected near edge of a fitting-out berth, with line of splay parallel to edge of berth. Heels are hinged so that sheers can be inclined until head is over centre­line of vessel.

Mast Knife. Clasp-knife with 9- to 12-inch blade, used for scraping wooden mast.

Mast Lining. Doubling piece of canvas on after side of a topsail. Takes the chafe against topmast and cap.

Mastless. Having no mast.

Mast Prop. Long spar formerly used to strut a mast when vessel was careened.

Mast Rope. Rope by which an upper mast is hoisted. A 'Heel Rope.'

Mast Scraper. Triangular scraper used on wooden masts. Edges are concave to fit round of mast. Bevel is away from handle.

Mast Step. Socket into which heel of a mast is stepped. Strength­ened fitting to which heel of mast is secured.

Mast Tackle. Purchase for hoisting or lowering a mast. 2. Heavy-lift tackle depending from a mast.

Mast Trunk. Casing into which mast of a small vessel may be stepped.

Mat. Woven strands of rope, or thrummed yarns on canvas, used as protection against chafing, or for controlling a small leak.

Mate. An officer assistant to Master. A 'Chief Officer'. From time immemorial he has been responsible for stowage and care of cargo and organisation of work of seamen, in addition to navigat­ing duties.

Matelot. French for 'Sailor*. In common use on lower deck of R.N.
Mate's Log 220 Mean Solar Day

Mate's Log. Book kept by Mate, and recording work done by crew and, with particular emphasis, all matters concerning stowage, carriage, ventilation and discharge of cargo.

Mate's Receipt. Document signed by Mate when goods for carriage are received into ship's charge.

Matthew Walker. Knot put in end of rope. Made by unlaying end of rope, making a bight of one strand, passing second strand over bight of first, passing third over bight of second and through bight of first.

Matting Sword. Length of thin wood used for beating in the wheft of a woven, or 'sword', mat.

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