Nautical words

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Fall Block Hook. Former fitting for releasing a ship's boat in a seaway. Pendant from davit head released hook from slings when boat was at a predetermined distance below davits.

Fall Cloud. Low-lying stratus cloud.

Fall Down. To move down a river or estuary by drifting with stream or current.

Fall Foul Of. To come in contact with another vessel and become foul of her rigging or cable.

Fall Home, Falling Home. Said of ship's sides when they slope upward and inward.

Falling Off. Movement of ship's head to leeward of course.

Falling Star. Meteorite that has become incandescent through friction with Earth's atmosphere. Falling Time. Of barometer, is time taken by mercury of an inclined barometer to fall to proper level when placed vertically. Is an indication of sensitivity of instrument.

Fall In With. To sight or closely approach another vessel at sea.

Tall Not Off.' Injunction to helmsman of sailing ship not to allow vessel's head to fall to leeward.

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1   ...   340   341   342   343   344   345   346   347   ...   963

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