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Short's Ship Clinometer. Instrument for measuring angle of heel, or ; roll, by the movement of mercury in a tubular glassware.

Short Stay. Said of a vessel's anchor, or cable, when the amount of cable out is not more than one-and-a-half times the depth of water.

Shot. Projectile that has no explosive burster and is fired from a gun. 2. In fishing: the nets that are put out at one time; also, the catch that is hauled in. 3. Two hemp cables spliced together; also, the name given to the splice.

Shot Anchor. Sheet anchor.

Shot Box. Wooden box containing shot. Formerly, box in which canister and grape shot were kept alongside a gun.

Shot Garland.* Framework attached to a hatchway coaming to take cannon-balls.

Shot Hole Stopper. Two-hinged semi-circles of steel, on end of a threaded shaft having a crosspiece and butterfly nut. Was passed outboard through a shot hole, in semi-circular form, and then opened out and clamped to ship's side.

Shot Plug. Conical piece of timber used for plugging shot holes.

Shoulder Block. Block having a projecting piece just above swallow of sheave. Used on masts and yards in places where block might lie too close to mast or spar, and so jam rope. Shoulder of Mutton Sail. Triangular sail sometimes used in boats. Apex is at mast head, foot is stretched along a boom.

Shoulder Pipe. Reinforced oval aperture in forward bulwark plating just abaft break of forecastle. Used as a fairlead for spring, mooring rope, boat rope, etc.

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