Nautical words

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Average Unless General. Denotes that insured goods are not covered by policy when subject to general average.

Awash. Water washing over.

A-Weather. To windward. Towards, or on, that side of ship on which wind blows.

Aweigh. Said of an anchor immediately it is broken out of the ground when cable is up and down.

A-Wheft. Said of a flag when stopped in middle to form a wheft.

Awning. Canvas spread above a deck to give protection from sun and rain.

Awning Curtain. Canvas screen coming downward from side of awning, and with lower edge stopped to eyeplates in deck.

Awning Deck. Light deck erected above upper deck, or main deck, as protection against sun and rain.

Awning Deck Vessel. First introduced for conveyance of natives between Eastern ports. Has large ventilation openings in top side plating. Has full scantlings to second deck; space between second and upper decks being in nature of a superstructure.

Awning Hitch. Name sometimes given to 'Roband hitch'; this being appropriate hitch for securing edge of awning to jackstay when spread.

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