Nautical words

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Securite (Safety). A radiotelephone message prefixed by the spoken word, 'say-cur-ee-tay', indicates that a message concerning the safety of navigation or giving important meteorological warning is about to be made.

Seel. The roll of a vessel at sea.

Segmental Bar. Rolled steel having section that is semi-circular, or nearly so.

Segmental Strip 301 Semi-diurnal Tides

Segmental Strip. Rolled steel section with lower side a chord of a circle, the upper side being an arc appreciably less than a semi­circle.

Seiche. Short period oscillation in level of enclosed, or partly enclosed, area of water when not due to the action of tide-raising forces.

Seine. Long fishing-net, 60 fathoms or more, in the form of a bag. About 8 to 16 ft. deep. Upper end is buoyed, lower end is weighted.

Seine Boat. Craft for fishing with seine net.

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1   ...   737   738   739   740   741   742   743   744   ...   963

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