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Secondary Circle. Any great circle whose plane is perpendicular to a primary circle. It follows that a secondary circle will contain the axis and poles of the primary; and that the primary will contain the axes and poles of all its secondaries.

Secondary Cold Front. Front of polar air following first cold front.

Secondary Depression. Second area of low pressure formed inside a meteorological depression. Generally moves round primary depression, and may combine with it.

Secondary Meridian. Meridian whose position has been determined absolutely or astronomically, and not by reference to a prime meridian.

Secondary Port. Port, or position, whose tidal phenomena are deduced by reference to tides at an appropriate standard port.

Second Class Paper. Written undertakings to pay, whose financial value is open to doubt. Second Differences. Differences that affect a primary difference when the variation in value of a quantity is not uniform.

Second Futtock. Second portion of rib of a wooden vessel, counting from keel.

Second Greaser. Old nickname for a second mate.

Second Hand. Person next below Skipper of a fishing-vessel, usually certificated.

Second Rate. Former classification of a warship carrying 90 to 100 guns. In U.S.N., was a vessel of 2000 to 3000 tons.

Secret Block. Block in which sheave is completely covered except for a small lead to swallow of block.

Sector. Arc between two radii, or two lines of bearing.

Secular. Pertaining to, or connected with, the passing of time.

Secure. To make fast so that displacement cannot occur.

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