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Autopilot/Automatic Pilot

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Autopilot/Automatic Pilot. Automatic Helmsman.

Autumnal Equinoctial Point. That point of intersection of Ecliptic and Equinoctial at which Sun passes from north to south declination.

Autumnal Equinox. That time when Sun passes from north to south declination (about Sept. 23) and length of day and night are equal in all latitudes.

Auxiliary Angle 'A'. Quantity necessary when 'clearing a Lunar'. Was usually obtained by inspection, but such tables are now unnecessary, and are not given. Value of angle was between 60° and 61°.

Auxiliary Boiler. Boiler in which steam is raised for working auxiliary machinery.

Auxiliary Machinery. All machinery, in a vessel, other than the main engines and their attachments.

Avast. Order to stop, or desist from, an action.

Average. Contribution to make good a maritime loss.

Average Accustomed. Usual small charges—dock dues, pilotage, etc., that normally fall on cargo. Formerly called 'Petty Average'.

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