Nautical words

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Atmospheric Tides. Caused by attraction of atmosphere by Sun and Moon. Moon's atmospheric tide affects barometric pressure less than 0-1 mb. Sun's tide is swamped by changes due to this heating effect.

Atoll. Oval, or horseshoe shaped, coral reef bordering a lagoon.

Atria. Star  Triang. Australis. S.H.A. 109°; Dec. S 69°; Mag. 1-9.

A-Trip 26 Australian Sea Carriage

A-Trip. Said of anchor immediately it is broken out of the ground. Topsails are a-trip when they are hoisted close up, or when just started from the cap preparatory to trimming.

At sight. Business term put in a financial document when payment is to be made on presentation to stated person or persons.

Attendance. Service rendered by being at a certain place at a certain time, even though further service was not required.

Attestation. Formal declaration that the statements in a document are affirmed by the persons or person signing it.

At the Dip. Position of a flag, pendant or hoist when it is not hauled close up but is a fathom or so short of being so. Answer­ing pendant 'at the dip' means that signal is seen but not understood.

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