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Remberge.* 'Ramberge.' Remora

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Remberge.* 'Ramberge.'

Remora. Fish, about 8 inches long, that attaches itself, by suction, to a ship's underwater body for transport. Fairly common in Mediterranean Sea.

Render. Said of rope when it yields to excessive stress by surging or slipping. Also said when it passes freely through a block or opening.

Repatriation of Seaman. The sending of a seaman to a proper return port in his own country.

Repeater. A 'Repeating ship'.

Repeating Circle. Reflecting instrument, on sextant principle, for measuring angles. As graduations extend to 180° on either side a succession of angles can be taken, and the mean value taken, thus reducing any error due to graduation.

Repeating Ship. Frigate, or small craft, formerly detached from the battle line to repeat admiral's signals from a position in view of all ships.

Replacement Clause. Inserted in a policy of marine insurance to limit liability of insurers to the replacement of a damaged part of machinery, and not the whole machine.

Reporting Day. Day on which a vessel reports her readiness to load or unload cargo. May, or may not count as a lay day.

Report List 278 Reversal

Report List. Document describing ship and cargo, list of passengers and stores, together with particulars of any navigational danger sighted during voyage. Signed, in duplicate, by Master and presented to Customs authorities when entering inwards.

Reprize.* Vessel recaptured after being taken by enemy. If i recapture within 24 hours of capture was returned to former 1 owner; if after 24 hours of capture, was property of ship recapturing.

Request Note. Application to Customs authorities for permission to remove goods liable to duty.

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