Nautical words

Athwart. Across. Transversely. Athwart Hawse

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Athwart. Across. Transversely.

Athwart Hawse. Position of one ship when she is ahead of, and at right angles to, the fore and aft line of a nearby ship.

Athwartships. Transversely across a ship. From one side to the other.

Atlantic Ocean. Expanse of sea between American continent and coasts of Europe and Africa. Bounded on north by lines made by parallel of latitude from Cape Farewell to Labrador, and by lines from Cape Nansen to Straumness (Iceland), from Gerspin to Fugloe and thence to Stadt. Bounded on south by line one mile south of Cape Horn to 40° S and 20° E. Divided into North and South Atlantic by parallel 4° 25' N joining Cape Palmas, Liberia, and Cape Orange, Brazil.

Atmosphere. Gaseous envelope surrounding Earth. Consists of two layers; the lower, or troposphere, and the upper, or strato­sphere. Weight of atmosphere on each square inch of Earth's surface is approx. 14 ½ Ib. at sea level.

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