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Astronomical Unit of Distance

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Astronomical Unit of Distance. Earth's mean distance from Sun (93,005,000 miles). Used for expressing planetary and inter­planetary distances.

Astronomies. The principles of nautical astronomy.

Astronomy. Combination of sciences dealing with nature, move­ments and appearances of heavenly bodies. Divided into various groups, each giving a prefix to the word; e.g. nautical, physical, descriptive, etc.

Astrophysics. Branch of astronomy that considers the physical and chemical properties of heavenly bodies, as distinct from the apparent motions, magnitudes and distribution.

Astroscope. Instrument for teaching and learning relative positions of heavenly bodies. Star globe is an example.

Asymptote. Line towards which a curve approaches but will never touch. Sometimes denned as a tangent to a curve with point of tangency at infinite distance.

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