Nautical words

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Purser's Dip. A candle.

Purser's Dirk. Nickname for a midshipman's dirk, and for uniform pattern knife carried by seaman in R.N.

Purser's Eighths. Deductions from certain stores that was, formerly, retained by a purser in R.N. as an agreed payment for his services. Discontinued in 1852.

Purser's Grin. Hypocritical smile, or sneer.

Purser's Knife. Seaman's clasp-knife, of uniform pattern, in R.N.

Purser's Pound. Sixteen ounces less 1/3 ; 14 ounces.

Pusher. After mast in a six-masted sailing vessel.

Pushpit. A guard-rail round the stern of a yacht.

Put. To change direction of a vessel: e.g. to put about.

Puttock. Corrupted form of ‘Futtock'.

Pyranometer. Instrument for measuring either nocturnal radiation or sky radiation.

Pyrgeometer. Instrument for measuring nocturnal radiation.

Pyrheliometer. Instrument for measuring rate at which heat falls on earth's surface.

Pyrometer. Instrument for measuring very high temperatures. Usually based on increased electrical resistance of platinum wire when heated.

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