Nautical words

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Ash Breeze. No wind at all.

Ash Cat. Name given to steam ships, by sailing ship men, in early days of steam.

Ashore. On shore, on the land. Ship is ashore when aground on or near the shore.

'As long as the Maintop Bowline.' Said of a long-winded statement or yarn; this bowline being the longest in a ship.

Aspect. Old astronomical term for a planet's position relative to another planet. Five aspects were Conjunction, Sextile (60° different), Quartile (90° different), Trine (120° different), and Opposition. The first and last aspects still remain. 2. The nearer angle between another vessel's head and the line of sight. It is expressed in degrees (0° to 180°) and qualified red or green according to whether the port or starboard side of the other vessel is visible, e.g. Green 20.

Assigns. Those to whom certain rights, or property, have been allotted or transferred by signed document.

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