Nautical words

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Old Dreadnought. Nickname given to Admiral Boscawen on account of his valorous conduct in H.M.S. Dreadnought.

Old Grog. Nickname given to Admiral Edward Vernon, 1684-1757, who wore a grogram coat in bad weather. He was the first to dilute seamen's rum.

Old Horse. Salt beef.

Old Ice. Ice that was not melted during previous summer.

Old Man. Colloquial name for the commander of a merchant vessel.

Oleron. Island at mouth of river Charente, France. Gave its name to the famous maritime 'Laws of Oleron'.

Ombrometer. A rain gauge.

Omega. A global position-fixing system using Very Low Fre­quencies and comparing phases of signals (as in Decca) received from earth-based transmitters by reflection from satellites in fixed orbits.

On a Bowline. Said of a vessel when sailing close-hauled with bowlines taut.

One for Coming Up. Final pull on a rope to obtain rather more than is required, and so allow for slight loss when turning up.

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