Nautical words

Oar Lock. 'Rowlock.' Oar Propeller

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Oar Lock. 'Rowlock.'

Oar Propeller. Machine for propelling a boat by actuating an oar in the manner adopted when sculling with oar over stern.

Oar Swivel. Name once given to a 'crutch'.

Object Glass. That lens, in a telescope or binocular, at which light rays from an object enter the instrument.

Oblate Spheroid. Solid produced by semi-rotation of an ellipse about its minor axis. Sometimes applied to a spheroid that rotates on its minor axis—as do Earth and planets.

Oblique Sailing. Sailing obliquely to the meridian, so that latitude and longitude are changing.

Oblique Sphere. Terrestrial sphere as it appears to an observer who is not at Equator or a pole. Apparent movement of all heavenly bodies are along circles oblique to horizon.

Obliquity of Ecliptic. Angle between plane of Equinoctial and plane of Ecliptic.

Observation. Measurement of altitude and bearing of a heavenly body. 2. Measurement of tidal phenomena.

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