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Norte. Cold N'ly wind in Gulf of Mexico. North

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Norte. Cold N'ly wind in Gulf of Mexico.

North. Cardinal point of the compass. The direction of that pole of Earth at which an observer would note that direction of Earth's rotation was towards his left hand.

North Easter. Gale blowing from a NE'ly point.

North East Monsoon Current. Ocean current caused by NE monsoon in Arabian Sea. Sets S along Malabar coast and then SW'ly to African coast, where it meets a northerly stream from Zanzibar. Then sets E'ly across Indian Ocean.

North East Passage. Navigable waterway, between Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, that passes along north coast of Europe. DisĀ­covered by Nordenskiold in 1878-9.

Northern Signs. Signs of Zodiac north of Equinoctial. They are those from Aries to Virgo, both inclusive.

Northern Waggoner.* Old name for constellation Ursa Major.

North Following. In or towards the N to E quadrant of the compass. Formerly used in connection with a pair of observed stars that had not reached the meridian.

Northing. Distance, or latitude, made good in a N'ly direction.

North Pole. Northern extremity of Earth's axis of rotation. North pole of Equator, or Equinoctial.

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